WhatsApp hacking, Your Good deed Could make You in trouble (25% to Ph-fund)

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we all have big data on our phones especially about 50-60% pictures and videos are shared on WhatsApp and we think that we are secure enough .

there have been many cases in which pictures get Leak and then people are getting back mailed through leakers obviously there are those girls also who share their private pictures which aren't meant to be public.

Do you what is required to hack your whatsapp ?

Just your phone number and security code

and now you would be thinking how can he get the code which is sent on our smartphone, I will explain it below.

most of the people are soo innocent that if someone needs their help they do it without thinking about the consequences ,

that's the biggest advantage watch those hackers got,
So How hackers would do it ?

we have seen this is many ways that unknowns or even your knows would message you that accidentally they have sent a code to your number can please just tell me the code ? and the innocent people will help them out and they dont even knew that Their account could be hacked with it easily.

their are other platforms also which could be hacked / they could retain code from you.

Mostly technical people know that code is based on phone number that means if you are getting code its for your number You shouldn't disclose it to anyone even your knowns.

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it is important not to offer any personal information, because based on deception Those hackers try to take over our lives Good advice to follow, nincs click on suspicious or unknown links

Very true. We need to be very careful with security.

Well said @hassanabid I'm sure this article has been of great help thanks for such info