World Password DAY

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Every Year

The first Thursday in May is called "Password Day" to remind you of the importance of password security in the Internet world.


Password importance

As you know, every year new technologies are introduced for the security of systems and networks.
But in the world of security, there is a word called user mistake.

What is that mean?

This means that many hacks or intrusions into the network or system are due to user mistakes and non-compliance with security tips.

Let me explain another way.
In most cases, if someone's account has been hacked or their system has been hacked, it's because they don't follow safety tips.That is, he/she is to blame.For different reasons.

Sometimes choosing a simple password such as date of birth or mobile number can cause hacking.


  • Change your password every few months

    ☑️ One of the most important things about security is to never trust anything.
    Don't think that because you used a strong password and followed the security tips, you never made a mistake. You did and you don't remember. So change your password every once in a while.
  • Choose a password with a longer character length

    What is the reason for this?
    ☑️ One of the hacking methods that has been used for a long time is Crack or Brute Force In crack mode, hacking software starts generating passwords and starts with the smallest string and then adds it.
    So if your password is too long, it will be harder to find it.

    In Brute Force mode, a list of passwords is imported into the software and the software tests them one by one.
  • Difficult password

    ☑️ Use Numbers, Capital letters, Lower case letters and Symbols in your password.
    Ex: Ho#1628$s001
    These passwords are very difficult to guess.
  • Do not use guessable passwords

    ☑️Don't use your personal information as password.
    Information like your mobile number, postal code, birthday, passport code or ...
  • Different passwords

    ☑️ Try not to use one password on all sites and social networks. In this case, if your password is revealed, you will lose all your accounts.
    Don't put all your eggs in one basket ;)
  • Don't use common words

    Note the photo below


    Many people choose words like this and these passwords are the first option for hackers.


The tips mentioned above were about passwords.
Don't forget the rest of the security tips.
Tips like phishing or scam sites and so on.

If you have any questions about security issues, I will answer them.

Sincerely, Hossein Rad

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There is nothing to do mate, I also work in IT and It's impossible to teach them. The man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone. ;-)


Your right but I hope it will be useful for some.

@hosseinrad hackers are more active nowadays , we need a very strong password to be safe from their attack.


Yes, exactly

I never knew there was a world password day, hackers are raising up their games daily, so we also need to protect ourselves.


Yes, We need to take care of ourselves by choosing a strong password.

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