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The news of machine displacing humans have been on for a long time now and the news is not declining in any way as it keeps growing and technology continues to take over the entire system, in this advancement agriculture has not been left out of the consistent development but unlike different sectors where artificial intelligence is getting people laid off from work, the agricultural sector is complaining of not having sufficient workers for the purpose of labour and they are extremely excited that artificial intelligence is coming to their rescue in that regard.


The activities of the cows can be monitored from the comfort of a mobile phone and it can easily detect what each cow is doing at the moment, an interesting use of the application is in its ability to detect if a cow is having the signs of an illness even before it begins to show physical symptoms.

A cattle farmer who is excited with the improvement offered by artificial intelligence, told the press that it was difficult to get people who wanted to go through the stress of becoming a cattle farmer because it is a job that is very tasking, difficult and time consuming but the presence of artificial intelligence has made things a lot easier.

A strawberry farm owner has said he will require 600 people to harvest 600 hecres of land on a scale of two to three days and it was getting more difficult to find people who are ready to do this job, sometimes some strawberries may even go to waste when harvesters do not show up which is not good for the farmer, this is one of the reason why the farmer has made up his mind to work on automating his farm land instead of consistently waiting on human labour.

The developed machine has the capacity to harvest strawberries as it distinguishes between the good and the bad ones conveniently during the time it is harvesting and as the machine is feed with more information, it gets smarter and can think of the next thing the crop needs on its own, one of the machine will conveniently carry out the job of 30 workers.


We are gradually moving towards the age of having machines carry out every farm activity without the physical involvement of humans, some farmers are excited about this but I do not think that labour workers will get excited about this new process. I will like to know your stand on this topic, are you excited about the implementation of machines in the agricultural sector or not?

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The truth is that this is an issue that is already being seen in many areas of work, technology is covering a lot of space as far as work is concerned. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years we have to compete with robots.


But competing with robot isn't really cool, they will almost outsmart us in every way possible.

Artificial intelligence will be a part of everything that concerns humans, but it is scary what the repercussion might be when machines sneak into every aspect of our lives.


It is creepy when we think about it, if all this is happening in our generation what happens to the generation of our kids.

I think it is exciting in the sense that men will no longer have to go through tedious labor.


But also really creepy when we try to think about the consequences.