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Hello Steemitverse

The Steem WhitePaper it is a simple but extremely well written document, which includes everything related to the platform. I find it interesting how it groups various contents that for many may go unnoticed as well as other of great importance. Steem's main objective is to reward all those who generate content for its platform. This through votes that are converted to Steem, SteemPower or Steem Dollars, making fair use of it and generating the mutual interest of all who participate in the community.

Es un documento sencillo pero extremadamente bien redactado, que engloba todo lo relacionado con la plataforma. Me parece interesante como agrupa varios contenidos que para muchos pueden pasar desapercibidos como también otros de suma importancia. El objetivo principal de Steem es retribuir a todos aquellos que generan contenido para su plataforma. Esto por medio de votos que son convertidos a Steem, SteemPower o Steem Dollars, haciendo un justo uso de la misma y generando el mutuo interés de todos los que participan en la comunidad.

Steem: It is the fundamental accounting unit in the Steem blockchain.

Steem: Es la unidad fundamental contable en el blockchain de Steem.

SteemPower: They are the equivalent of long-term deposits. Its value is 1: 1 with Steem and they have conditions for its withdrawal. You can withdraw your Steem Power gradually over a period of 104 weeks (2 years). When you decide to withdraw Steem Power, You divide the balance by 104 and that will be the amount of Steem you will receive weekly.

SteemPower: son el equivalente a depósitos de largo plazo. Su valor es 1:1 con el Steem y tienen condiciones para su retiro. Puedes retirar tu Steem Power de forma gradual en un periodo de 104 semanas (2 años). Cuando decides retirar Steem Power, divides el saldo entre 104 y esa será la cantidad de Steem que recibirás semanalmente.

SteemDollars: It is the currency for exchange within Steemit. It is not directly convertible to other cryptocurrencies or currencies. They are called Dollars because they have a fixed 1: 1 parity with the US dollar.

SteemDollars: Es la moneda para intercambio dentro de Steemit. No es convertible a otras criptomonedas o divisas de forma directa. Se llaman Dollars porque tienen paridad fija 1:1 con el dólar estadounidense.

One of the things I like most about Steem is the fact that it does not cost anything to carry out the transactions and on paper it explains it perfectly in addition to publicizing the various problems they had to do this. The multiple comparisons with greats in the social media industry like Facebook and Reddit seem incredible to me,for being literal, great in the sense of social networks and the magnitude of users that they handle.

Una de las cosas que más me gusta de Steem, es el hecho de que no cuesta nada realizar las transacciones y en el papel lo explica perfectamente ademas de dar a conocer los diversos problemas que tuvieron para realizar esto. Las multiples comparativas con grandes de la industria de las redes sociales como Facebook y Reddit me parece increíble, por ser literal, grandes en el sentido de redes sociales y la magnitud de usuarios que estos manejan.

The document itself shows details and explains very well many basic concepts that are very useful to start in the social network or to learn basic terms within it. Like what is Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars, which in turn contains segments somewhat more complicated to analyze, In particular, I saw something uphill when I could understand certain parts due to their complexity of explanation, but I feel that it is due more to the fact that they are widely used by the blockchain community and perhaps I am not so steeped in certain topics.

El documento en si muestra detalles y explica muy bien muchos conceptos básicos que son de gran utilidad para comenzar en la red social o para aprender términos básicos dentro de la misma. Como lo que es Steem, Steem Power y Steem Dollars, a su vez contiene segmentos un tanto más complicados de analizar, en lo particular me vi algo cuesta arriba a la hora de poder entender ciertas partes por su complejidad de explicación, pero siento que se debe más al hecho de ser de uso amplio para la comunidad blockchain y quizás no estoy tan empapado en ciertos temas.

The Steem WhitePaper

I invite you to read the document and leave your opinions on it.

Les invito a leer el documento y dejar sus opiniones al respecto.

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Hello @Jacorv!! Great work introducing us to the main concepts on the Steem Whitepaper. As you may know some changes have taken place in sucesive hard-forks transforming the economy model in Steem.

For example some time ago the distribution between authors and curators was adjusted to 50% - 50%, when it was 75%, 25%, thus promoting human curation on the platform.

Another important change have occurred in the power down period which has been set in the recent Hard Fork on 4 weeks. A long time disscused change that certainly transforms the way in which Steem is valuated and its mobility.

Thank you very much to take part in this week's chellenge Open Source by the Knitrias Project.

Best wishes for your week, @Jacorv!!

Hello @jacorv

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Thank you @jacrv for all the details of steem white paper. It is very important to know all the exchanges in Steem tokens, their values and how we can effect them on this block chain.