What does the success of a project depend on?

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To achieve success in a project, one of the fundamental tools to consider is Time Management, as well as the importance of the Cost-Quality-Time structure, where it plays fundamental aspects to be considered by organizations to meet deadlines. to the clients.
Before starting with the topic, it is convenient to first understand:




What is time ?

According to Plato:
Time is the moving image of the eternal

And it was of the opinion that:
A quarter of the day should be allocated to sleep, a quarter to work, a quarter to food, hygiene and similar necessities, and a quarter to the divine leisures..

And according to Aristotle:

Time is the number of the movement according to before and after.

It is then, when according to Aristotels, he maintained that "the now" could be considered to be before the future and after the past, which could be "a midpoint", as can be seen in the Image below:

Before <===== Intermediate midpoint ====>After



Hence, Aristotle analyzing "the midpoint" according to the image shown above, gives us the impression that it is simultaneously in the past and in the future, somewhat illogical by what he concludes:

the now cannot have duration and time must be continuous.


Aristotle. Source


Cost-Quality-Time Structure

This structure is one of the fundamental tools to evaluate the three most important aspects that must be integrated to achieve the project goals.

The importance of integrating these three aspects is fundamental to ensure success.




Costs must be evaluated and studied with a lot of dedication and skill, because if errors or deviations in the estimates you consider in the project cost budget are reached, this may result in delay in the project completion. and / or very significant monetary losses.

At this point it is essential to carry out an adequate market study and update the prices periodically, the latter will depend on the economic environment from which the project is being developed.


Time plays a leading role in the structure, because it influences aspects such as customer satisfaction, in relation to meeting delivery deadlines, as well as the launch of a product on the market, reaching it before the competition, among others.

That is why the time is evaluated by experts, with historical data and references related to the sector or branches of the project in progress.


Last and not least of the structure, quality is a non-negotiable aspect with the expected results.

In this sense, the quality of the product should be considered as a requirement that must be met, in order to maintain despite the fact that obstacles or unforeseen situations may arise that try to deviate this premise.

The aforementioned is due to the fact that when the quality of the product or the service provided falls, this will be affected sooner rather than later in the price to the customer, causing a decrease in the same and affecting the income of the organization and its profits.


Conclusion Reflections

To achieve the success of a project this will depend on several factors, but the main ones are the control of costs, quality and time of project execution.



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The quality of the product offered goes a long way in determining the success of a project


Hi @papa-mensa
Certainly this is why the quality should not be taken as a minor detail.
Thanks for your comment.

Excellent friendly publication, I really think that time and quality are the fundamental pillars there, they are 2 qualities that go hand in hand, that every business or entrepreneur must take into account. Every enterprise needs dedication to be successful and of course the products offered to the public must be of the best possible quality so that the customer is willing to return.


So is my friend @franyeligonzalez, thanks for your comment. A hug.

For an entrepreneur meeting up with deadlines is very necessary, when your customers knows you as someone who can keep up to time they patronize you the more and they have better confidence in what you are able to offer.


Hi @eni-ola
This is the fulfillment of the terms is a point in favor before the consumers and / or clients.
Thanks for comment.

It is true that most business owners do not clearly understand the importance of time, little things like getting up on time, getting to work on time and getting goods delivered at deadlines really means a lot to customers and business.


Hi @futurekr
Certainly there are a great% of the owners of the organizations that do not give importance to time, something that must be changed and highlighted in some way.
Thanks for comment.


Have a great day.