Cardano aiming for a BILLION users over next decade

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Firstly before i start writing today article, i will like to stress the fact that i am a small account and i will really need your support so please i will appreciate you vote, now let's get started with what we have happening in Cardano(ADA)



Latest News

The Cardano owner has revealed that the organization mission is to have over a billion cardano users over the next decade which is in 10 years time, and he continued saying that a billion user was within reach after cardano has just reached and gone above a million users.


“We go where the demand takes us, and right now that’s sub-Saharan Africa where the demand is massive with a billion people there – 800,000 without any internet at all,” he said. Source

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My Opinion About Cardano

Cardano is a great project that has big dreams and the technology is amazing, it is a token that you will want to have in your portfolio because i think cardano is gearing up for a blast up and i am not talking like in a short term but also in a long term because it really looks good, even the project under cardano are like ethereum 2.0 but in small market cap that is why i am looking forward to dollar cost average ADA because the future is too bright for ADA.

Cardano ADA price has not been performing poorly either as we see the price skyrocket from $0.1 to $2.3 in this alt season that we just had and right now it is sitting in $1.3 which may continue to head downward because of the current market trend but once this trend is done and dusted i strongly believe the bull market will continue and this time it will blast off hopefully.



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