Cryptocurrency worth $22.5 million found in a pen drive, international scam suspected

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The uk police carried out arrests on a heist that took crypto assets worth a lot that value $22, million and this heist was carried out by a couple.

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The couple are reportedly to be part of a global crypto scam but police has recovered the asset that was stored on a pen drive.

The Seized crypto assets that includes ethereum are estimated to be valued at $9.5 million, while the rest of the crypto was found in an online vault, according to a report on the Greater Manchester Police’s website

In the popular scam the couple who are both in their twenties ran an online savings and trading service using Binance smart chain.

The scam stars closed the wensites when a huge sum has been collected then the couple flee the country after transferring the money to their bank account.

They got arrested on charges of money laundering based on an online intelligence gathering then during physical frisking of the couple, the police a found pen drive that contained stolen crypto assets.

The police stated that $12.6 million more were seized a few days after the crypto graph deposited the box and the code to access it was found in total crypto worth of $22.2 million from the couple.

The Manchester police chief has sent out an advisory to investors and people to be extremely safety aware while using online services are there are vulnerabilities in the online process.

This is not the first crypto heist in UK history, in june too the police had arrested a 39 year old girl and seized £190 million in crypto and before that there was also another crypto scam valued at £114 million.

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I wonder what could happen to that currency now? Given to charity? or freeze or some other use case?I think people are being dumb with such gold when it lands in their hand. We will see though what may happen eventually.

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