Could you live on steemit?

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The cryptcurrency and the Blockchain emerged as a decentralized response to a specific crisis situation, I often wonder if Satoshi Nakamoto (whoever he is) had any idea of the impact his creation would have. Currently there are more than 2000 crypto-currencies and countless projects based on them, trying to make their way into real life use, a little bit to try to break away from the dominance that banks and big corporations have over the financial world.

This platform in which so many of us live, was a pioneer in uniting three aspects that are increasingly important in the world both socially and economically, these are " social networks, blockchain and crypto-currencies. "



Very probably when the prices of Steem and SBD were quite high, some people managed to live with dignity from what they produced here, I know of someone who managed to acquire a house in Venezuela thanks to the earnings from Steemit, but things have changed drastically, currently the prices of these currencies are too low to achieve these things.

For many it is impossible and unimaginable to be able to live off what you earn at steemit with your publications, unless you are voted for several times a day by some whales. <Which is obviously not going to be the case.

It is more than understandable that many people think that in some countries to be able to cover the basic expenses you would need about 600-900 dollars, * however, in countries in crisis where the reality is very different, things change.* In most Latin American countries with 350 dollars you can have a decent life, in a couple (without children).

Can't you still imagine your life just living off what you generate at Steemit?

Are you surprised? Do you find that hard to believe?

Currently, living in Bogota - Colombia, it would be unthinkable to say that one can support oneself with 20-30 dollars. But, if I put my country, Venezuela, as an example of this reality, it is another reality. I know of people who live from what they produce on this platform and do not have what we would call a formal job, say and think many how can that be possible?

The reality is that, in a country where you work 8-14 hours a day for (at least) 6 days a week and earn 7-9 dollars a month, you will surely think, that is an amount I can quietly produce on steemit from my home. That's why I understand when you sometimes decide to quit jobs to just do activities within this platform.

Much more if we consider that after HF21 and the war that has been waged on the use of BIDbots, great whales organize contests and generate quite good votes for many users in their high quality publications. This on the one hand, and on the other hand the incorporation of tribes and communities within this platform has also allowed an additional benefit for all users, being able to achieve amounts that multiply (by 3, 4 or more times) what could be generated by any employee or worker in Venezuela with a full time job.

One of the most used to have income are the games, particularly I don't understand how they work inside the blockchain of Steemit, however I can say that I have contact with some people who live exclusively from Steem Monster, for example, and they manage to cover their rent, food, telephone rent, tickets, only from what they produce in that game. I have spoken with people from Venezuela who keep their jobs and also make a living at Steemit, even though at Steem they can produce much more the basic reason, they are about to retire and don't want to lose the time they have invested in their work, this is something respectable as well as logical. Also many simply like their job.



I wanted to make this approach, recently I was talking to someone and he thought the idea of just living off Steemit was a little crazy, however if we evaluate a country or a situation where you have to spend forty hours a week to earn 7-8 dollars a month and the possibility that you produce much more than that on this platform from your home I think the decision would not be very difficult to assume.

Do you know anyone who lives off Steemit?

Do you think it would be possible to live with dignity in the country where you currently reside with only what you earn at STEEMIT?

These are questions that I leave for discussion or reflection. Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

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Hi @josevas217

The reality of Venezuela is dramatic, in my case I have to live with $ 4 per month ($ 1 per week); It is very hard, especially when you have no family relatives or close people to help you.
I have lived on steemit for 2 years, and it is what has allowed me to generate those 4 $ that mean a lot to me, so it is not a utopia, it is part of a strong and constant work, but if you can

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It's complex what you say, Reinaldo. It's not utopian, not in your case. Not easy, really.
Four dollars. That's crazy. Let's hope these prices recover soon, surely better things are coming @reinaldoverdu.

I wish you good things

7-$9 per month? Thats unthinkable in my country Nigeria. I currently earn $83 monthly on a part time government work. And still run my small startup almost full-time. Yet, I yearn for more. I just imagine what $9 will fetch you here. You guys must be genius to survive on that. Working full-time on Steem is definitely better because you can make more than that here with dedication


In Venezuela it is impressive what is done in order to survive. Many things that happen in my country are unthinkable in other countries.
83 dollars, that's a sum to be almost a millionaire @focusnow ja ja ja

Wow! I know that there is a Venezuelan community in Steem that is quite large and some acquaintances in other networks had already told me, but I had not realized that with the economy so miserable that we have it is something quite logical that we prefer to quit a job formal and completely dedicate to generating content for the blockchain.


If friend @pedrobrito2004

It may seem absurd to some, but it is a tangible reality in our country.
Thank you for your support.


You're welcome, buddy!

Clearly, whether you will be able to live off of steemit or not depends where you live..... From my country i could make a wonderful living just for myself with 350$ a month, But getting a job here, that pays close to that is very hard. You might even need to work 250-300 hours a month for that amount.

Even if it is possible to make a few posts a day and get voted by whales and make that much money a month, its not exactly stable. Sure, when the price was high, like everybody else i did so many things. I had so much money and spent so much that i had never dreamed of doing that at this age. But now if i rely solely on steemit i would be struggling so hard financially.... That's not something i want.

I am not making a lot from steemit and i surely will not keep this as the only source of income. Its not stable, so even if you are making a lots of money you are always going to be scared that the price is gonna fall real low and with that your lifestyle. Living in a situation where you constantly have to worry about your financial situation is the worst. Now that i have had a lesson, next time the price goes up i will try to fill up my sack with money for the future where there will be no money.....


I have heard from many people that they made good money when Steem and SBD were in very high prices, unfortunately I did not live that stage, but if I have hope that someday we can all receive more benefit on this platform, however, that lesson learned the important thing is that it can benefit you in making decisions in the future if that millionaire reality of steemit came back.

Thank you very much for your contribution friend @masummim50

I hope that day of great benefit will come again.

Wow. I can't imagine working for a whole month and earning $10 a month. If I were those affected, I would rather quite my job and squarely face Steem. As for your question, living off Steemit is never a good option as long as one has other means of making better money offline. Cheers!


Yes, for most it is unimaginable to live on less than $10 a month @gandhibaba
I think that to a large extent, trying to make a living from what is related to crypto currencies is quite difficult, especially because of the issue of price volatility. Today it's worth one dollar tomorrow-- a lot of instability.

I can imagine live on steemit when STEEM will hit some higher price. Maybe in a few years the time will come.


Certainly, you have to see what happens, if the prices really reach higher levels. This is the only way to take advantage of the rest, which is somewhat complex.

I can't live on steemit, although a lot of people live at below poverty level in my country that is at $1 a day. Things are quite expensive and it cost about $300 monthly for an average person to live quietly in my country.


We are in similar conditions @gbenga, in the country where I currently reside not less than 300USD to live, but, the situation becomes complex.

Dear @josevas217

Interesting choice of topic.

I believe, that for many people from suffering countries (like Venezuela) some revenue coming from Steemit may actually be a game chager. However those from developed countries would most likely earn more selling burgers on the street :)

My own approach to "earning on steemit" is that I see it a bit like linkedin - place to build contacts. Contacts which will allow us to earn some real revenue (outside steemit).

Yours, Piotr


Without doubt, when considering the cost of living in Europe, for example, with those of Latin America, it is difficult to think that it is possible to make a living from steemit.
To create links, connections, networks that allow you to later on strengthen ties outside the platform and create even more things. That is a good strategy aigo @cripto.piotr

I couldn't live on Steem, not even if I work full-time. My country is relatively expensive, we need 500-800 USD monthly to live.
I suppose in other freelancer-professions is online work and living also difficult because many people from developing countries are pushing prices down. For example cheap and good Indian programmers are famous.


500-800 USD?
With that in Latin America you live quietly, and even travel ha ha
Yes, I understand about online workers from developing countries, you are right, when some see the possibility of generating something additional online and even see that they could live from that they simply do it, having so many competition is done by lowering prices and affecting the global market.

Anyway, it is hardwork to produce good content to get upvotes and earn, how many are able to do that.

However, traditionally people have managed to earn money through blogs, Adsense and adwords stuff, youtube also they are earning I don't see how in Steemit platform they can't(:

However, only this I am doubthful... not me for instance, I don't liquidate the Steem I make here, not done that, it takes time right, not very convinient.

But there are video channels, content channels, lots of tribes, I got @catnet tribe, my its interesting and it is getting engaging as well around Steemit.

Anyway... nice post.


Yes, there is a good market that generates benefits to many in video themes, also in games. Some tribes allow for good dividends if you look at it from that point of view.
Thanks for the input, interesting @mintymile