Country crises don't have to be yours

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Hello my people from Project.Hope, I hope you have a great week ahead of you, no doubt that being permanently reading other publications and receiving comments on my posts can lead you to great reflections, as well as acquiring a lot of knowledge in other areas to suit your interests.

Particularly I like very much the publications in which they use their own images, some of their African friends show part of their reality through images, it helps me to have a better idea of where they live, and I must say that I feel identified when they do it, since some of their spaces seem very familiar to me, and I think that generates a kind of closeness between those of us who usually publish in this community.

I want to say this, that a few days ago I received a comment from my friend @trabajosdeliglo, who decided to put it as the title of this publication, and it is:

The crises of the countries do not have to be yours

And I said to myself, "it is curious that someone who is currently in Venezuela should be the one to leave me that phrase, and I know why he says it, I know him and I know that he is in a permanent search to get ahead in spite of all the crisis in my country, our country."



At this point I must make it clear that I owe it to everyone, but especially to those people who, being in countries with a high level of crisis, inflation, and shortages, do their best to make their lives better and better, and that adverse situations produce great growth in them, and make them reinvent themselves permanently.

It is not that I live in a developed country with the greatest economic stability personally, but, without a doubt, coming from Venezuela I am currently in a better situation. Even respect I feel for my brothers from African countries like Nigeria or Cameroon, that even though I don't know those countries personally, so one can intuit the situation is very complex, and even so, here on this platform we can see many haciendas making very important approaches to life.

"Let's not pretend that things will change, if we always do the same... it's in the crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies are born." Albert Einstein

I refer to this phrase of the great thinker Albert Einstein, he stood out and transcended not only with his theory of relativity and his contributions in the scientific area, but for being a person who was always innovating, he lived through difficult times like the First World War, and that situation -difficult- surely led him to activate with more impetus all that creative spirit that we all have.

There are those who even in the most complex crises come out on top, and are even happy making fortunes, what's different about them? We have to study them, learn from them, I am not talking about imitating, not at all, I just mean that we can and must reinvent ourselves, because we have tools, and if we need any, we must learn it, that is also at the hand of everyone, don't you think?.

Only by reinventing ourselves, by doing different things, can we come out unscathed in those crises that are often present, and "isn't it logical to think that if reality has changed, so should we", is something very basic, so basic that it can go unnoticed. We have to keep on searching for new things, for self-knowledge, and constantly preparing ourselves to be able to say later, after living through it, that CRISES OF COUNTRIES DO NOT HAVE TO BE YOURS, not necessarily.

Thank you very much for the reading and the support.

Have an excellent start to the week.

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greetings friend a curious fact about Venezuela is that there are many bitcoin miners who literally made a fortune which only they know where it is, it is impressive the extent of their earnings in a country where the average earns less than $30 a month.


I think that because electricity is very cheap, it could allow mining and generate large profits. Surely there are many millionaires hidden away.

It is hard to detach oneself from the issues pervading your country because one way or the other, it will still affect you. However, it is also possible to create avenues where the damage will be minimal.


Yes, of course, it's difficult not to be affected, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a total crisis for you. I think you can minimize it, of course, as you say.
There are options.
Thank you very much for commenting.

I highlight this part: "Only by reinventing ourselves, by doing different things, can we come out unscathed in those crises that are often present." I am also from Venezuela, and of course I have had to reinvent myself, believing that one can face the crisis with the same tools as years ago is a mistake, it is necessary to first change the way of thinking and then look for other opportunities, many people have found great opportunities in the midst of crises, but this requires looking and doing things differently.


Exactly friend @emiliomoron
It is another reality, we must use other tools.

I admire some people determination never to be let down or give up by the situation of either where they live or when they live. They try to push just to make a better result irrespective of the difficult situation surrounding them. That is what I called inner determination momentum


inner determination momentum

I haven't heard or read that before, but it sounds like a force.
Thank you for this supplement through the commentary.

My country is one of such countries blessed with natural resources but our greedy leaders have taken everything to their pockets leaving the masses to suffer greatly and without a voice but some of us have decided to come out strong despite the crises, to keep the faith alive and to make it big.


It is unfortunate that these things happen, only for the benefit of a few. It seems to be a rule of developing countries that politicians make courses in corruption, and they do it very well...
But hope must be maintained.

thanks for commenting @oluwatobiloba

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

I agree with a lot of things you say here
I too feel that we have to find our own solutions and do what ever we can to improve our lot.
Perhaps this was the truth all along but the current situation had only made me realize it made made me a bit wiser.


Good reflection friend @thetimetravelerz
Hard times must bring out the best in us, that which is hidden and which we must make grow so that it benefits us in general.

My country is an example of this terrible situation, people barely are up to live up to the daily normal standard and majority have seen the regular struggle as a daily lifestyle that they have to maintain until they die, extra energy is needed in countries like ours in order to survive.


Yeah, it's literally a daily struggle to survive. And it shouldn't be, but it is.
Luckily we have a path on these platforms, which allows us to be in touch with other things. Besides establishing relationships that serve as a springboard to more great projects.
Thank you for commenting.