It's legal, but is it right?


Hello dear community, being in the middle of the week I would like to share the following post, which was inspired by a phrase I read recently and led me to reflect, to think a little about the reality we are currently living, and some discussions that have been left behind or set aside, but I would find it interesting to discuss something from the following sentence:

"The system wants you to think that what is loyal is right, but remember:
Slavery was legal.
The holocaust was legal."

What did you think of what you read before?, the truth is that for me this was quite conclusive, because if we go back a little in history, not much, you know, 150 years ago, countries in Latin America, countries in the Caribbean and Central America were in a social condition in which slavery was something normal, not bad at all. And even as we enter the 21st century, this past century being one of those that has so far served as a reference for great technological and medical advances, there were countries that were still in the condition of colonies of other powers and even slavery was normal.


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Without going very far back in time, even in the 1960s, in the country that was already a great world power at that time, the United States, there was a very marked distinction between what could be used by people of African descent and whites. Although that has now diminished, we are still in the presence of much of this.

We can find a lot of content (writing, videos and photos) that talks about dark skinned people going in the back of buses, and even specific bathrooms for black people, for example, and that was law at that time, but was it right?.

We enter here into a transcendental subject, which encompasses the ethical, but beyond that, the moral. Because we are talking about a World Power, we can imagine what was and probably is happening in countries with less development.
I could also talk about something that I find truly abominable, and it's legal, which is the LAPIDATION. For those who don't know what this is, I'll explain:

It is a practice in which they bury the person who has committed a "crime" only by leaving the head exposed and then stone him or her to death.

This is a religious practice, What do you think? not only is it legalized in many countries but it's a practice that is of Islamic law, of course, from a fanatic's point of view, they might say it's okay, according to their beliefs, but is that really a right thing to do? Of course, I know that some will tell me that "everything depends ", but if we talk about elementary human rights this practice breaks everyone... I know that talking about religion is always very delicate, but to protect oneself from it to commit these terrible acts is legal, but for nothing, in my way of thinking, it would be logical, Never.

In many countries (most) drinking alcohol is normal and legalized, but smoking marijuana is criminalized. We go, if we analyzed the effect that has the marijuana in the organism in comparison to which produces the alcohol we could give accounts us of all the harmful effects that have the alcohol from different points of view. At level of the organism it produces deterioration of practically all the organs, affecting to a great extent the stomach, the brain, and nor to speak of the liver. And if we get into the social aspect, the amount of traffic accidents that occur as a result of its intake is enormous, domestic abuse among many other things.

Now, if we evaluate the effects of marijuana, they have nothing to do with the effects of alcohol. Nevertheless this last one is legalized in almost all the countries of the world, but the marijuana not, and even, the medical use of this one is limited to a great extent in many sites in spite of which scientifically it is proven that it has a positive effect in many pathologies, including praises that originate pain.

Is it legal to drink alcohol, but is it correct?

This is how I conclude my approach, I would like to know what you think about it, thank you very much for reading me.

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Without a doubt this world is full of contradictions, and between the legal and the correct we can find many, just to add another example, many countries have legalized abortion, but how can we talk about human rights and at the same time legalize the interruption of a life. For me it may be legal but it is not correct.

still slavery is happening in many places. As you said it is legal also in these places. Here we have Caste based slavery. Not everywhere in the country but we can't change the mind of those few people.

Hello @josevas217. It's a complex theme, as you say the cultural aspect influences, with reference to the example of stoning. But without a doubt, the legal aspect does not always consider what is fair or right; for example, in many occasions business deals or loans are accepted, which although they are legal acts, sometimes they are not fair for one of the parties, charging them conditions and interests that can be excessive and difficult to fulfill, just to look for the biggest benefit of the other.

There is a form of modern slavery, look no one buys African slaves anymore, but the opportunities for black people, Latinos are closed in an environment where the wrongly called racial purity predominates, in full swing of the XXI century is so that these things were not seen but still is seen, is what he called a new form of domination and slavery.

Greetings, my good friend, your reflection has made me think about so many things.

Hello friend @josevas217

The system that prevails and dominates us as humanity, is not healthy and has always been responsible for the great disasters we have suffered in all senses, among these; diseases, economic crises, natural disorders, social conflicts rooted in class struggle, among others. Now what you propose, it is very logical all this time we have been aligned to establish legal guidelines, which have been ways to dominate us, the example of alcohol, is the practice that has deteriorated more as humanity, from my point of view, is a strategy to create social disorders, because behind a problem will always come a businessman to sell us the solution. This is a great issue that you have developed and shared with the community.

In my opinion, there are things that are legal but are neither right nor moral. More so, legality differs from place to place but rightness and morality are universal. This is why we should not only seek for what is backed by law but what is backed by our conscience and our humanity.
Nice piece buddy

there are many things in this article but I understand what you want to convey, many of the countries in the Arab world laws have nothing to do with religion, in mexico the drug cartels are deeply catholic and that has nothing to do with the horrible things they do, in Venezuela the state is profoundly Bolivarian but that also has nothing to do with what they do , The common thing is that dictators and people without morals, to commit their crimes quietly make them legal as "abortion in Argentina", which is not something moral because it attempts against life but it is legal to give according to the promoters "more freedom to the oppressed woman".

Hi @josevas217,
A lot of controversy behind your line of writing, which allows us to analyze how illogical our society is in many cases. I was unaware of the practice of LAPIDATION, but how such a depressing action can be assumed as something legal, sometimes our behavior goes against what we profess. Thank you for your contribution.

Hello @josevas217 friend, I quote verbatim from the Bible

Corinthians 10: 23: "Everything is lawful for me, but not everything is convenient: everything is lawful, but not everything edifies."

This should be instructed in all homes from childhood, so we could from an early age make the individual understand that not everything that seems legal is really correct, this is the basis of discernment, knowing how to identify how things that to our understanding seem to be legal or acceptable, on certain occasions it ceases to be morally and humanly ethical and correct.

These types of distortions have created a lot of controversy and damage worldwide.

Very good this review of your post today.

See you soon..!