The level of support could be directly proportional to your level of commitment...

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A cordial greeting to all of us who make life in Project Hope Community, in this publication I would like to talk about commitment, yes, that word that is necessary in every organization and project to be able to really advance, don't you think so?.

Recently the Project Hope core team conducted an analysis of the movements of regular community users in various ways. This was possible thanks to the fact that in the Blockchain everything is registered, unalterable, and the information is easily accessible to everyone.



Well, as a result of these analyses that we have been doing for more than a month, we have noticed that in good measure many users are participating in Project Hope Community just doing publications, and it is good that they do it, but the detail that we have noticed is that there is not much commitment in stopping a few minutes to read some publication and leave a comment, something that is important for all of us who write, or don't they like to see a good comment in their publication? I find it a little hard to believe that anyone would like a publication that they have made, after 7 days and not even a comment...

There are cases of users who even publish every day, but who have not made a single comment for more than two months. To give an example...

In view of this reality, we have been talking in the central team and see how we can encourage all those who are not very concerned about others, and see that their COMMITMENT LEVEL IN BUILDING COMMUNITY HIGHLY, we came up with something from the following sentence:

The level of support could be directly proportional to your level of commitment...

It is logical, don't you think?, to support more those users who are permanently supporting others and giving value to the publications, and in turn to the community.

Well, that's an important and necessary point, we do the curation manually, there are no automations, and this will really bring us more work, however, we believe it's worth the effort, it's difficult to achieve real progress if you don't apply an additional effort, but in a way that we are all really involved, then we are willing to continue growing, and that implies changes, within those who are giving more value to all those who are in the same tune of adding value.

In the same way, we will continue working on the reduction or elimination of all those publications that go hand in hand with every indication of plagiarism, it is also a separate work, but without a doubt it is never lacking -in any area of human development-, those who want to take advantage of what they have not done and take advantage of this...

For now I say goodbye, hoping that everyone understands the point we are making as a team, that what we are looking for is simply the growth and benefit of all, but that the most benefited are those who are equally committed and willing to contribute their grain of sand in the evolution of the community.

Before finishing it is good and necessary to recognize and APPRECIATE many, that obviously we know who they are, who dedicate their time to participate actively in the publications of many users, always leaving some comment that serves as FeedBack to the author, something that for me as a Blogger is important and pleasant, for sure it is for you too.

The invitation is to collaborate among all of us, leaving a comment implies a previous reading, and at the same time it is a learning process, a kind of gift that we are giving ourselves when we know something new, and we would be surprised how far we can go with new knowledge, so let's do it.

I say goodbye, waiting for your comments and impressions about it, and of course:

Your greatest collaboration in this regard.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


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Those of us who are part of PH, at first accepted the vision of collective growth and the guidelines of the project, therefore, at that moment we agreed on a commitment to maintain a level of interaction through feedback, an element that in particular I evaluate as positive, because it generates an impressive dynamism, so if we are willing to continue growing in the collective, I think it is necessary to fulfill the word contracted.

In my case, I particularly try to keep active in the community, however, sometimes it is difficult because of problems beyond my control, there are few hours that I have internet service, however, in the short time of daily internet I try to get the most out of it.


Hi @lupafilotaxia, yes, the intention is to at least support someone in the time available. We know that there are certain complications in our country. But, it is not about commenting 10 publications, but at least to collaborate in some way with someone, there are people who never leave a comment to anyone. Months without leaving a comment, to anyone. There is no excuse for this, especially if they publish daily.

Resteemed :)


Thank you for support.

very true friend together we will build a stronger community, I hope to participate more from now on


That's the idea friend @ramsesuchiha
The intention is to create community not only by name, but by real participation.

You're absolutely right @josevas217, community engagement is the best way to keep any platform or community much active.


That's right @mccoy02, it's not only about publications with good remuneration, but with little participation.


Yeah sure you're right.

That's why a lot of people need to make sure they prioritize engagement as engagement is the key to growth.

When I realise that engagement is the key to growth, I don't hesitate jumping into it. And I make sure I dropped 50 comments within the projecthope community weekly to boost my engagement level because I know it is important also


By adding efforts it is easier to go further, it is a great truth.
50 comments is a large number, really, few achieve that number.
Thank you for comment

The engagement is must, I shall engage frequently too.


Hello @praditya
That is the intention, that each one from its space and possibility can participate a little beyond only publishing.

The decision but the team sounds very fair to me, those who are more committed to the affairs of the community should definitely recieve more rewards.


Yes, that is the vision we have about it @eni-ola
It is logical that whoever works hardest and contributes the most should receive a little more benefit.

Hi @josevas217
A very fair and necessary decision, when a commitment is made there are no excuses, not even for ourselves.
I particularly believe that we must assume the commitment and make more effort, I say this for myself.
Continue to work, for the benefit of the community .


Hello @jannettyanez, yes, the important thing is that as far as our time is concerned, we can somehow cooperate. Thanks for commenting.

Dear @josevas217

Personally I decided to support people who are commiting themselfs to be active and engaging within our PH community mostly for one simple reason:

  • it does attract people. Especially those who care about traffic and readers more than earning little rewards.

It also allows us to encourage other users to delegate their Steem Power or join our curation trail. Healthy communities are something many people like to support.

we have noticed that in good measure many users are participating in Project Hope Community just doing publications

Unfortunatelly it seem to be the case. Naturally we've grown and right now we can slowly reduce support towards those who are just posting and increase it to those who are also engaging in comment section.

Yours, Piotr

you're right it takes more effort, more commitment