Ludzie śledzą autora czy content? || People follow the author or the content

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Yes Yes! A click-byte photo! 😀 First, I would like to say hello to @clixmoney who gave me something to think about for today. (By the way, check his profile because he writes great texts).
Surely many of you have been here for a long time and you have probably already met a lot of interesting creators. It is not easy to get a lot of followers at the beginning. Each of us has several ways to attract viewers to our profile. After a while, we become recognized. People start giving us small and big voices, they start commenting on our content. Over time, for some, the process turns into automation of voices and there are fewer and fewer comments.


Have we already got bored with our followers? There may be several reasons for the lack of interest in our content. Most often it is bored material that we add and the lack of regularit. People expect something extra after a while? Sometimes we fall into routine and don't polish our jobs. We automate them. We often forget about our recipients later and do not integrate with them.
Many youtubers lose their subscriptions and their audiences drop, which is a very normal phenomenon. Sometimes you have to change your content and start something new.
One thing is for sure. The faithful followers will always stay with you because you "caught their eye".


Tak tak! Klikbajtowe zdjecie!😀 Na poczatku chcialbym pozdrowic @clixmoney ktory dal mi dzisiaj do myslenia. (Przy okazji sprawdz jego profil bo pisze swietne teksty).
Napewno wielu z was jest tutaj juz dluzszy czas i napewno duzo ciekawych tworcow juz poznaliscie. Nie jest latwo na poczatku zdobyc duzo obserwujacych nasz kontent. Kazdy z nas ma kilka sposobow aby przyciagnac widza na nasz profil. Po pewnym czasie stajemy sie rozpoznawani. Ludzie zaczynaja dawac nam glosy male i te duze, zaczynaja komentowac nasz kontent. Z czasem dla niektorych proces przechodzi w automatyzacje glosow a komentarzy jest coraz mniej.

Czy znudzilismy juz naszych odbiorcow? Moze byc kilka powodow na brak zainteresownia naszym kontentem. Najczesciej jest to znudzony material ktory dodajemy oraz brak systematycznosci. Ludzie po pewnym czasie oczekuja czegos ekstra? Czasami popadamy w rutyne i nie szlifujemy naszych prac. Automatyzujemy je. Czesto zapominamy pozniej o naszych odbiorcach i nie integrujemy sie z nimi.
Wielu youtuberow traci swoje subskrycje a ich ogladalnosc spada i jest to bardzo normalne zjawisko. Czasami trzeba zmienic swoj kontent i zaczac cos nowego.
Jedno jest pewne. Wierni obserwatorzy zawsze z Toba zostana bo "wpadles im w oko".

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Hello @jozef230.
An interesting content that you share with us on this occasion, actually sometimes we automate and stop thinking about our followers, that is, what they think about our content, and that is where we must have the ability to make a change in our articles and that they are more striking.

Thanks for sharing your extraordinary content with all of us. Greetings.


Thank you for stoping and comment🙏

Dear @jozef230

Interesting choice of topic. I used to believe that people care about quality of content. And perhaps that used to be the case. In days when "content was the king".

However, in current days content creation is easier and cheaper than it ever been before. Supply of content is increasing so much faster than demand for that content.

And for that reason, I believe that we will mostly follow content published by people we already recognize. Therfore, my conclusion is that we follow the author.

Enjoy your weekend,
Cheers, Piotr


We often follow the author. Currently I found new authors on project.hope. I was sincerely interested in their philosophical texts. I read very well. Thanks for your comment and have a good weekend.

Hi dear friend @jozef230

Most often it is bored material that we add and the lack of regularit.

I know it is difficult but we must be regular, that makes up for boring content, it may be that today you talk about a topic that not everyone likes but if you are a regular tomorrow you will do something better and you will have your audience happy, I think that regularity is something important.


Thank you for comment🙏 Yee regularity is key to success. Have a great weekend👊


Thank you!🙏

Much thanks to @clixmoney for the great support he gave you. I actually don't find this boring as you claimed some people may find it boring. I really find this very interesting and creative.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕♥️


Big thank you for comment🙏