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It consists of a short and condensed speech that should serve as a personal cover letter. With this, the exponent must convey, clearly and effectively, the basic idea of their business proposal and deliver a solid message in a few seconds or minutes, resulting in a future interview or meeting.

The concept was created around 1980 by Philip B. Crosby. It became popular in business education during the 1980s and 1990s. Today it is widely used in the corporate world as a strategic tool for new businesses. Even the Harvard Business School has covered it extensively on their website1 to help people create and evaluate their elevator pitch.

This concept is based on the possibility that someone with a business idea, or Startup, meets in an elevator with a potential sponsor for your project.

This would be a golden opportunity, unique and unrepeatable, which should be fully exploited by the owner of the idea.
Every word you say must be accurate and effective. You shouldn't waste a single second of your time.

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If you Google "Elevator Pitch" you will find millions of results, it is not a new topic. In fact, there are infinities of articles about it.

There are many methods for this, which leads me to think that there is no perfect recipe, so if we listen to a lot of opinions and take excerpts from each one, this could work.

For example, in the following video we can see how the author recommends and explains the 6 important points (in her opinion) to develop an effective Elevator Pitch:

  1. How are You.
  2. Little Background.
  3. Explain - provide context.
  4. Connection.
  5. Ask.
  6. Closeout.

I would like to make my own Elevator Pitch with a personal example, assuming I am trying to sell the "Project Hope Community" idea.

I hope you understand that I am no expert on this. I'm just getting familiar with the concept, but it seemed wise to share it within the community.

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Steps to Create an Elevator Pitch

I will follow the advice provided by the professional Alicia Ro, Communicator Specialized in Oratory on her YouTube channel.


  1. Start with a surprising statement or question to get attention.

  2. Tell who you are and what you do.

  3. Problems or needs that you cover.

  4. Solutions that you provide.

  5. Benefits that people get from you or your project.

  6. You (or your project) are the most suitable person.

  7. Always end with an invitation to take action.

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My Elevator Pitch

"Isn't it surprising how blockchain communities have grown today?
However, there are still people who do not know what cryptocurrencies are and their infinite potential to achieve economic independence 1*.

My name is Juan Molina, I am the co-founder of a growing community of crypto-fans, which develops within the best Decentralized Social Network in the World, which operates on the most solid and prestigious Blockchain platform of all 2.

The cryptographic world is emerging in the short term, as the environment where the greatest large-scale business opportunities will develop. Mutual investment funds, international transactions, and even the personal savings of citizens will be backed by cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. However, the level of knowledge and education on this subject, which the majority of the world's people possess, is still very poor 3.

Through cryptographic communities, users can exchange their knowledge supporting each other and grow within the Crypto sphere, receiving the coordination of community enthusiasts with enough experience to guide them efficiently 4.

A well-organized crypto community can function as a scalable marketing and promotion engine to trend any emerging concept or startup 5.

In my community, we have more than 3,000 subscribers from all over the world, and a solid core team of well-educated professionals, who are capable of projecting any investment concept globally, through the creation and analysis of specialized content. The debate of ideas provides the opportunity for participation and invaluable feedback when setting up a brand or emerging project 6.

I invite you to join us immediately and get to know us. You will be welcomed and amazed once you discover the potential of Decentralized Social Networks and the way to monetize your project or idea.
You can visit our Project Hope Website or directly in our space on HIVE Blockchain: Project Hope Community 7".

Do you dare to write your own Elevator Pitch about Project Hope Community?
I invite you to show it to us in the comments.



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Greetings @juanmolina, it seems to be an interesting and quick way to share our credentials with people we don't know and who surely won't have much time to listen to us, I think it would also be applicable to elaborate good summaries in social networks like likedin or twitter.


I think it would also be applicable to elaborate good summaries in social networks like likedin or twitter.

You nailed it!
I haven't thought about it before. Thanks.

Wow that's impressive pitch. It is very difficult to convince a person in just 2-3 min but we have to give our best if we want to get successful in our business or new business we have to set up. I have also seen this on t.v


I recently heard about that, this impressed me in the best way.

I had not heard before this term but it captures the idea very quickly without having to explain so much, excellent your example I like very much you seem an excellent speaker partner hahaha


Glad to see you here, dear friend.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I like very much you seem an excellent speaker partner hahaha

Whenever you want it, dude.


It is the first time that I have heard of the "elevator pitch" and what surprises me the most is that it has happened to me many times and with a short speech I have managed to capture the necessary attention to "sell an idea or an initiative".

I am pleased to know that I did well without knowing the protocol that you describe perfectly in your post.

I do not make one like the one you request because I must think about my best cover letter at the moment, but it is enough for me to know that I was not wrong in the past and in your post I find a kind of "mirror".

I am increasingly surprised by the treasures published in Hope.

See you soon


...I was not wrong in the past and in your post I find a kind of "mirror".

I feel blissful to know it.

The presentation of elevator speech requires a high level of intelligence and smartness and the way you have properly presented your idea means you must have spent time to carry out a proper research on the said topic.


True! You should be brilliant.

But remember that this is not an impromptu speech. You can calmly write it down and memorize it, practice it in front of a mirror and with your friends, before actually starting it up. You can even have the help of other people with more experience for the writing.