Publish0x Added ETH to Its Payments Portfolio

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Many of you know that I have my blog on Publish0x.
For just over a year I have been posting my posts on cryptography on that platform, which I found very interesting from the first moment when I met her.

One of the points that draws my attention from Publish0x is that there are no "Whales", there no one has more influence on the platform than someone else, everyone has the same possibility of giving "Tips" to other users daily.

Publish's payment portfolio has always been composed of more than one cryptocurrency, none of them is, or has been, a native token.

Until a few days ago, the payment portfolio consisted of:

  • DAI
  • BAT
  • LRC

Now Publish users have the possibility to receive fractions of ETH as tips for our posts.

The payment system consists of a distribution of the tip between these four cryptos.

My Earnings

My Earnings on Publish0x

So now users will be rewarded with ETH, which comes, in my opinion at a great time, very timely, due to the increasing levels of capital locked in DeFi in addition to the recently launched Ethereum 2.0.

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It is always advisable to diversify our crypto portfolio. For that of: "Do not put all the apples in the same basket".

ETH is currently shaping up to be a crypto asset that will have a lot to talk about in the next bull run. Its all-time max is still a long way from the current value so a pumping could bring big profits to its holders.

With the incorporation of ETH to Publish's payment portfolio, a golden opportunity is being offered to all users who will have the opportunity to accumulate an asset which, possibly, will have a great revaluation.

I invite you to register in publish and start earning ETH, DAI and BAT.
If you prefer you can use my referral link:



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I have seen many posts about Publish0x but yet to check it out. I will now try to see it in details and ETH addition is certainly great because ETH is a top altcoin. Thanks for sharing great post my friend @juanmolina


You're welcome appreciated @alokkumar.
Don't forget to use my referral link, please.



Surely my friend. I will do. Thanks

ETH is much seen and appreciated,
i am gonna see what Publish is about and if i find myself fittin' there, i would definitely trynna use your referral :)
Thankyou for creating my interest :)


Thank you very much.

I had heard about the platform, I'm going to enter to see how it is managed, thanks for sharing the information friend @juanmolina


My pleasure.

I hope you get much success.

It's just really sad I couldn't access my publishox account anymore. I am already missing a lot here.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead


It's just really sad I couldn't access my publishox account anymore.

Would you mind explain to us why?

I have been on publishx but the earning was discouraging so I left but it is good to see the development of adding eth addition. As eth as a crypto token is much more appreciated

Greetings friend @juanmolina, as always you bring us excellent information in your publications about the world of cryptography, it is always important to know it, interesting the following:

What strikes me about Publish0x is that there are no "whales", no one has more influence on the platform than anyone else, everyone has the same chance to give.

Thank you for sharing. Successes.


My pleasure!

Will you register for publish? Don't forget to use my referral link.

I have been reading a lot about PublishOx lately and I think it is time to stop the procrastination and just take action on it, appreciate the quick reminder.


Do not miss the opportunity again.

Didn't know you're on publish0x, I'll follow you right away 😃


I already found and followed you.


Haha thanks, found you as well. Sorry for delay, but I don't check Steem on my phone so I don't always get to respond right away.


It's all fine, dear friend.


Thank you.
Are you in publish too? what's your nickname there?

Thanks for the update on this platform. I've been meaning to check it out because I keep hearing wonderful things about it.