Stock Market: Americans & Latins

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Recently we were able to find out about the new modality that Uphold offers its users, allowing them to purchase fractions of American shares with a minimum participation of 1 USD.

One aspect that really caught my attention was that this modality is only available for Latin America and in many other countries, except mainly in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China.

Why would the trading of American shares in the US not be available?

This news led me to wonder about the adoption and participation of American citizens in the stock market.

According to the Federal Reserve, of the 10 percent of families with the highest income, 92 percent owned stock as of 2020, just above where it had been in 2007. But ownership slipped for people in the bottom half of the income distribution, and to a lesser degree for people who were above the median but below the top 10 percent.

Statistical studies from March 2020 reveal that more than half of American households have some investment in the stock market.

Share of adults investing money in the stock market in the United States from 1999 to 2020

People who participate in the market do so through stock brokers. In this way, the shares are kept in a brokerage account that manages the values and assets of a client under the name of a company.

"In the US, there are many brokerage companies that offer these services to citizens. But in Latin America the same does not happen".

For this reason Uphold International Equities Inc. was created which functions as an omnibus broker dealer in the USA. In this way, when you buy American shares in Uphold, you are really buying from this particular stockbroker.

Users who own American Shares will receive dividends paid by the issuing company in proportion to their ownership interest. They will be paid into your Uphold account in US dollars, unless you decide to reinvest them to buy more of the capital (Recapitalize).



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Hello @juanmolina
I remember that publication, which caught my attention, between one thing and another I didn't investigate further, but, I'm still interested in the thing of buying shares, and it doesn't necessarily have to be hundreds of dollars. It's a good strategy designed to help.
I'm not familiar with this world of stock buying. You came to study that market by chance, based on this thing they offer from Uphol? profitability and those things...
I'll take a look at this later. I've saved this link, because having several entries is necessary.


You came to study that market by chance, based on this thing they offer from Uphol?

Exactly, that's right, Brother.

I am not yet familiar with this market.
But the Uphold wallet interface is so simple, and intuitive, that it just encourages you to give it a try.

Hi @juanmolina
Excellent information, really interesting, thanks to this publication will be helpful to me to deepen the subject really want to know more about the procedure as such.
Thank you for sharing.


Hello dear @janettyanez.

really want to know more about the procedure as such.

As an initial step you must register with Uphold.
I will be pleased to give you any information that is of your help.

Friend @juanmolina thanks to your first publication about Uphold I immediately subscribed and created my account, now I just have to confirm some information.

However, I would like to know if at the time of investing they send me some legal support that validates my investment, what do you know about it?


You do not receive any special documentation. Everything is established in the terms and conditions of the contract that you start with Uphold.

You will also receive any information of interest from your technical support team and in the FAQ section.

Hello friend @juanmolina, I find it interesting to invest, although it is not my strength, but I ask you: once I enter uphold can buy shares paying with cryptomoneda?


you can pay using any assets you own.

Good news, an opportunity for us, as for american stockbrokers, citizens should be careful with the wolves of wall street that there are many


Good news, an opportunity for us...

Right! a big opportunity.

Greeting friend @juanmolina, interesting article that you share with all of us I'm not familiar with this world but it has always caught my attention the investment of shares, thanks for sharing such information. Successes.

It would only cost you 1 usd to try and maybe there would be many new things that you would know.


Okay, buddy, thanks for the suggestion. Greetings.

I really love to invest even it is risky


Thanks a lot Sir