How to win friends and influence people of Dale Carnegie. THE SECRET OF SOCRATES.



(Chapter 3) PART 5


Say Yes before No.

In a certain way, it makes a difference because the negative always brings disadvantages in many aspects such as being restless, insecure, down, or feeling a loser for having said No, on the other hand, the positive open doors, excites you, motivates you, makes you happy, makes you feel like a winner. Avoiding arguments has shown good results, has sealed many contracts, and got more clients and friends.

Express our point of view.

If each of us looks for a way to change the way we act and speak when we speak to others, putting pride aside learning to listen more to people even if they are somewhat wrong or confused, we must let them express themselves so that their tension decreases and it is there when we can express our point of view more calmly without telling them that they are in total error. These would be some sentences as an example of how to start a conversation with someone, especially when they do not want to listen: “If I listen to you friend, you are right, if your opinions will be taken into account, if you are a very valuable resource for our company Yes, he is our client and we appreciate him for that ”.


Get more YES and less No.

In our naturalness and human complication, we act from the time that we never want to lose, from how quickly we want an answer, from how difficult it is to simply listen carefully to people and that without they tell us we do not leave it like that and now, without thinking that customer will be lost. Then to try from now on to get more YES and less No to substantially improve human relations with firm and safe steps without haste because sometimes it is better to go "slowly but surely" than fast and get tired.

I end with this reference by the author a Chinese proverb " He who treads gently goes far" and I subscribe to every word.

Less aggression in our words, calmer, patience, and wisdom because who knows how to listen goes far, to get more and more yes and less no.




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Certainly it is preferable to hear from one more person yes than no, already on the way we can make the opinions turn around, but really when I engage in a communication with another person and I hear many no's then the perspective I have of that person is negative.

Greetings my dear friend @lanzjoseg.


This book is definitely a good book, and I recommend it to everyone. your reading and the advice that are there are very useful in everything for our work and personal life.

Hello friend, you are very right, I believe that always thinking and acting in a positive way has many advantages. Being a patient person and putting yourself in the place of others is a very important quality, we cannot always be right so we must listen to the other.


As my grandfather said that is profit to be able to do all that in the long run, one is somehow rewarded

My wife always tells me "the law of attraction" if you are negative you will always get negative things, but if you have a positive attitude you attract good things, I think it is apable, if we always say no we will most likely get that answer when we need something.