Our platform needs your support and the witnesses also need us.


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Who has the balance in the midst of so much uncertainty.

I can have a lot of optimism however indirectly those of us who are not witnesses are in the middle of this take, I don't know if we should call it a war or what name we can place in this situation through which my platform, is going through terrible moments

If my platform I consider so and it is the only way I have to be able to fight for it, I must consider it as my own.

On the one hand there are the witnesses since the beginning of Steemit.inc and on the other hand there are the new witnesses of Tron.

But in the most affected we are the majority of the users that are active within ** my platform ** the witnesses that are since the creation at the moment are requesting support so that we vote for them and return to be within the top 20, of This way, by voting for these witnesses, our platform continues with decentralization.

A few weeks ago when this new transition from Steemit.inc began and its purchase by Tron I asked myself this question in the following publication: To vote or not to vote and who to vote for, that's the dilemma.

I ask for whom to vote a great dilemma, that dilemma we have millions of users, and one reason is very simple, I must clarify something is very true that thanks to the witnesses is that this beautiful platform has a very solid base to keep all, our adventures alive of being able to make publications with good content.

However we all know that absolutely all witnesses have a user account on steemit but very few of them somehow make or interact with the millions of users that are growing and cultivating our accounts. Not all witnesses are well known and some of them do an amazing job.

I personally have managed to establish a very good communication with some witnesses and that makes me feel very good because they are very humble people, yesterday, March 4, I made many votes for some witnesses and since I voted for witnesses with With the exception of those I know via chat or discord, I had never received any message or comments of thanks for voting for a witness. Yesterday I was very pleased and very happy to know that by voting for the @arcange witness a few minutes after voting, I received a memo from this witness.

Screenshot_2020-03-05  lanzjoseg.png

He thanks me for voting for him. Note, it is true it was a flat message and sent by a bot., It is a detail that made me feel particularly that I was visualized by him, I must say with great satisfaction that human beings love to receive in some way that recognition that we made something.

When I received that memo I immediately wrote him a memo back but in private that only he could read. words more or words less, I simply thanked him for sending me that memos because I thought he should respond and thank him for his message

But the point is, then again @arcange wrote to me personally in a publication I made in Spanish BOD EN MODO Crypto ", you can imagine this that a witness with whom there has never been any interaction before he makes you a comment in your own publication, If the memo made me feel good that comment made me feel much better and that Knowing how busy this witness can be, he took a little time to go to my publication and in Spanish and thank me again for my vote.

If everyone wonders, what is the point.

The point is very simple and easy to understand my friends always ask me privately by which witness to vote if many of these witnesses never turn their eyes to us, which is very true then it will be that all witnesses in the midst of everything that happens , they can take a little of their time and visit many of us personally, I think that with a personalized message they can achieve much more than with a flat message, with making a single daily message to a user per day I think it would be enough to Let them feel at ease.

Thanks @arcange for taking a little time to reply to my memo.

I think it is necessary to have more witnesses like @arcange who approach people this would change the ways of thinking of many a lot depending on what the witnesses do. It is not just that they make publications and respond to the comments of those publications , we need them to visit the publications and tell us if they liked our publication and if they do not like it it would be great to let us know why they do not like it, that way we can also continue to evolve and learn.

We must be united because we do not know what can happen with our platform. We have the balance each and every one of us who interact here

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Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

"In constant evolution".

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I think all steemit witnesses are very corporative and supportive especially @good-karma, @arcange but there is some witness they don't support and encouraged new steemit users they don't have time for this for example only day I mentioned all top witnesses in my post and gtg witness ask me don't mentioned me in all posts


Hi @zaibkang

Well in part you're right, but when I made this post it was because I felt very good that @arcange took the time to write a comment on a post, and it wasn't a flat comment, in that sense I think the witnesses should have a little time even if it's one user a day and they should address that user so that they know that they exist.

It is not only when they need our support.

Please excuse my late response, I live in Venezuela and the government of Venezuela usually punishes people with several power cuts a day.

Hi dear profe @lanzjoseg

I felt the same joy that you did long ago when @isnochys, @agroed, @arcange and other witnesses answered me messages both in steemit and privately by discord and even by steemchat. Also in their personal publications. I must say that @yabamap helped me very kindly and with tremendous empathy to recover my steenmonsters account.
I think we should vote knowing the trajectory and everything they do (and have done) for the community. I recommend doing a little research before choosing who to support. It is the best way to build trust 👍


Good friend @reinaldoverdu. I am very pleased to hear about your great fraternal experience with all those witnesses.
Here these types of stories should be promoted so that we are all aware of how they can help us and how they can be great witnesses with this type of gesture.

Yeah, okay. It's a really nice feeling. To know that someone's noticed you.

I know we have to look at the projects developed by the witnesses, to know who to vote for. But I'm one of those who thinks they should do their part and promote the work they do too.


Hi @yonnathang

If my friend is right I think one way is, I have always thought of the internal memos in our walle as a good advertising system. I still can't understand why others bother.
I think the witnesses should take advantage of that tool and send us messages where they promote what they are doing.

When I came upon your article I had this thought of what if there was a practical way to shift some voting power away from the top twenty one and maybe to the top 50% of validators. I'm not saying getting rid of a small group of top decision makers. I'm just thinking of ways to add some decentralization even if it seems token at first. At least this way we don't lose hope or sight of what a blockchain is supposed to be.


Dear @machnbirdsparo

When I came upon your article I had this thought of what if there was a practical way to shift some voting power away from the top twenty one and maybe to the top 50% of validators.

Please I apologize, I can not understand this sentence, you can better describe how it can affect decrease to 50% of voters


It was an effort toward a mini brainstorming session. Honestly, I do not fully understand it.

It is an abstract concept with the purpose of decentralizing decisions about the Steem blockchain in practical ways.

The key is "practical" change. As such, employing a 50% protocol of ALL validators would simultaneously benefit both competition and contributions. Of course, this many people actively effecting change would be impractical for major decisions. However, if it could be shown that even a tiny bit of value could be added from a consensus of half the validators, then maybe something good would come out of it.

Also, since employing the top 50% of active validators would see many position swaps on an ongoing basis, anyone wishing to gain control on this level would be required to buy up most of Steem.

Again, this was just a flash of an idea.

Actually, feeling recognized and that what one says is taken into account is something that weighs heavily on human relationships, so taking time to respond and interact with other users is something that is valued well.

I think we are in a process of war between what Steem was and what Sun wants it to be, I don't know who will have better plans or proposals, but I know that currently tensions between the sides are hitting us all.


Yes, my friend, that's great ... and you know, despite the fact that I made this publication, nothing surpasses the recognition of the friends that I have managed to make here inside ..

And that war process will bring both positive and negative consequences.

Thanks for comment.