Vote to Reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeks, a proposal made by @thecryptodrive Witness!

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The fundamental basis of our hope project is to create hope, but above all to create it based on something that is solid.

In that sense I want to generate hope based on a solid proposal.

On January 6, I read the following publication Vote for 4 Weeks Power Down! from my friend and Witness @thecryptodriveHe is making a proposal that is definitely one of the best I have been able to read among the many that exist and I like the idea so much that I decided to support him in the best possible way and it is with the whole project hope team.

The proposal that @thecryptodrive is taking is something that would benefit us all on the platform, currently to perform a Power Down we must wait 13 weeks and I know that for many of us or for most of those who are in Steemit it is a long time

He proposes in his proposal to change the current shutdown program from 13 weeks to 4 weeks in the next SMT Hard Fork, here is the link to the publication HF Proposal: Vote to Reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeks

What do you think of that proposal? Tell me if it is not feasible for everyone to achieve that openness within steemit sincerely. I know that we will all benefit from this proposal if it arrives and is approved.
I was reading in the comments, at the beginning of Steemit to perform a Power Down the time frame for it to happen was 2 years, you can believe that, I did not know with the passing of the HF was changed
Currently 13 weeks, so we must join effort to achieve them all together and take it to only 4 weeks, that sounds fantastic.


Now in what way can we help each other. @Thecryptodrive as a witness is currently in position 21 of the witness position table, for this reason the campaign for the 4-week Power Down proposal has been hindered, it is no longer in the top 20, so that the can continue to take the forefront of that proposal must be within 20 positions as Witness .

How can we help:

I humbly ask the Steem community and all supporters of the 4-week Power Week proposal to vote for the Witness @thecryptodrive so you can climb and be on the posisicon list within the first 20. In this way he can continue to serve and defend the voice of the community in general.

I am very sure that everyone likes the proposal, vote for the @thecryptodrive witness with this voting link:

Or you can also use the quick link SteemConnect:

Vote to Reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeks, a proposal made by @thecryptodrive Witness!


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It is an interesting proposal, many have presented their point of view and each with their own good reasons.

I am inclined to the opinion that every investor deserves to have the opportunity to bet and when he or she merits it to withdraw his or her bet in a reasonable time. This will make it more reliable for more of them to come and review what we are doing here.


Hi @yonnathang
Then you agree with her.
I invite you to vote for that witness who carries the singing voice. and I invite your team to support them too. I think we all win.

Dear @lanzjoseg

That main photo made me laugh so bad :) Very creative hahaha

currently to perform a Power Down we must wait 13 weeks and I know that for many of us or for most of those who are in Steemit it is a long time

I've heard about this proposal earlier on and I'm not sure how do I feel about it.

I know that we will all benefit from this proposal if it arrives and is approved.

Not all. Only those who care about powering down :)
It surely would benefit mainly those people, who want to sell and get rid of their steem as soon as possible. I'm just not sure if it could benefit anyone else.

It's also easy to imagine that all current accounts currently powering down would speed up such a process. And short term I would expect enormous selling pressure to apprear, causing probably wave of panic.

I'm going to check out post by @thecryptodrive and let's see what are his reasons behind this idea. Im very curious.

Basically one important question we need to ask ourselfs: do we care mostly about long-term investors who are willing to stake their STEEM token long term - or would we rather attract short-term investors.

Upvote on the way :)
Yours, Piotr


Dear @crypto.piotr

Thanks for your comment it is a great honor that you are visiting my publication.

That main photo made me laugh so bad :) Very creative hahaha

If I managed to join the image that I use @thecryptodrive in his post asking for help and I came up with that idea to help him hahaha

Surely your guesses are very valid as to what may happen, however, I see more of the optimistic point of attracting more investors.

investments with very volatile in that sense many times we need to be able to invest in coasa for a suitable moment. Now if I have an opportunity to invest in something else but my money is held for 13 weeks, I may very well lose that opportunity to invest.

In this way, at 4 weeks you can calculate in less time what you want to withdraw without losing what you have
Example I need to invest $ 400 and I fear in my SP $ 2,000 it is sure that in my first week I will receive those $ 400 that I need in this way I can also cancel the application and in SP there would still be $ 1,600 well that is a very pragmatic point of view or I see it that way.

I accept that I could be wrong however for some future investors this way of doing powerdonw can benefit investors.

In another aspect in which I agree with you is that everyone in any business would be very happy to have long-term investments, there can be no doubt about that.

Thank you for the support you are giving to the proposal.



Thanks for the help my friend, I really appreciate it. Fraternal hugs across the oceans!

Muy buena propuesta, apoyada.

Excelente! Apoyado desde @rodyservi, por:
Renega 2-Publicar.png

I have to admit that I have conflicting thoughts with this proposal, on the one hand I agree that the power down time could decrease as it did once in a previous HF, that could be good for people who need (for whatever reason) a quick withdrawal and the liquidity of your investment. In my personal case, I am in a situation where I might need to quickly convert what I have invested to cover some contingency, so the proposal could be good, but ...

There is also the problem of speculative investments, of pumping prices and then withdrawing quickly before these actions (conscious and intentional) cause a fall in prices. That is dangerous for the project and for the blockchain participants who are committed in the long term to the success of Steem.

So I still have the head in an internal discussion, on the one hand it could serve to attract investors who could delegate their SP, see it grow by curatorship, return on investment or organic growth in cases where they are also content generators. But, it can attract "Swallows" that could have enough capital to handle large purchases to raise the value and then collapse it, leaving us well beaten while they withdraw with the profits ...

The power down in several months, may be somewhat strange when compared to the liquidity of other blockchain currencies, but it is important to remember that this project seeks to create an ecosystem of social applications and focused from the beginning (as far as I understand) to participants in the long term that they maintained a part of what they generated for their contents in the same blockchain.

In the end, due to my personal circumstances and the high levels of uncertainty in which I have to live lately, I believe that I will end up supporting the initiative, but still worrying if we are opening a field to attract investors, new curators and new creators of contents or we are opening a Pandora's Box.

Siempre hay que apoyar lo que favorezca el crecimiento y desarrollo en positivo de la plataforma. Excelente propuesta, profesor @lanzjoseg, beneficiosa desde todo punto de vista. Votado el wittness! y apoyado en el #toptres de hoy. Un abrazo!.