My dear country Nigeria has gone from bad to worse

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Nigeria has a country that has been going through trying times and the most painful occurrence of all has been seeing the people living it is all good. Nigerians are filled with great people, but very bad leaders and this leader has continued to treat us like a slave in our own country. These days we do not even talk much about this issue as we have all accepted it as the new norm.



Nigerian being a country blessed with so many talents and natural resources, we still occupy one of the top countries facing abject poverty. Funny facts remain that Nigerian has the richest Blackman and woman in the world yet more than 90% of the Nigerian population are still poor. This is because we lack unity among ourselves as every man is concerned with what stands to gain and not how the country will move forward.

While politics in countries such as the USA, Canada and the rest of the advanced states continues to be about the betterment of the nation, Nigerian politicians are just concerned with getting the power and being in charge. Some went as far as embezzling money meant for the whole country and that further highlights how lost the country him under the government.

It is no longer any secret that almost all Nigerians has resorted to fending off for themselves by relying on a government that does not care about that. Even with this move, the government has continued making things difficult for the youths and citizens of the country. Events such as killings of teenagers, police brutality and banning of cryptocurrency are still in play in a country of Nigeria’s calibre.



We continue to pride ourselves as the best country in Africa but that’s like giving that South Africa, Ghana and a whole lot of Africa country are doing better than we are economic wise. Yet, the government continues to bask in the glory of the lies and misconceptions they have built and believed in. the politicians do not even hear the cry of the poor and they believe that almost all the citizens are doing well, meanwhile that is so far from the truth.

A lot continues to happen in the country and has resulted in many aspiring and talented people seeking greener pasters abroad and, on most occasions, it has always yielded great reward. This is because overseas, tools needed to succeed are already in place and not been hoard by greedy leaders who have no concise for the living.



This brought about the #endsars movement a few months ago and although the movement was directed towards police brutality, it spoke for more than that. It spoke against the government and the bad ways of them handling things and yet what the government did was killing unarmed citizens due to them engaging in a very peaceful protest.

The banning of cryptocurrency caused outrage as banks account of crypto traders was closed and inaccessible and that led to havoc too. Despite the government failures to provide jobs within the country, they have also resorted to making sure that hunger rains on its citizen. The closing of the border and banning of importation of food items continues to make the price of the food available skyrocket due to it becoming a scarce product.



Nigeria economy has gone from bad to worse and it is uncertain that things will change in the not so distant further due to how deep and bad this has gone. One issue that keeps baffling me is the fact that despite the increase in the amount been budgeted by the government, they have been little improvements in all the various aspect of the economy. This is an eye-opener for everyone and most especially the suffering citizens whose hope relies on themselves now as those in power careless.

The days of graduates finishing school and been rewarded with a job is far gone. This age no jobs for graduate and going to school in Nigeria seems to be a waste of time due to the number of years a student might end up using. The strikes and poor learning environment have made Nigeria educational system look like a joke and it is becoming something not worth it.

Education should be a must for everyone but in my country, it is becoming the last resort as people would rather learn a trade or skill as no white-collar jobs is available. Graduates with a degree now go ahead and learn a hand job just to survive as no organization is employing. The degree will be kept at home as just a phase of life and not an opportunity to have a better future.



With the forthcoming elections which will arrive in few years, the people have a chance this time to revive the country has everyone now know that most of the leaders do not want the good of the state. People are prepared to fully use their voting right to get good governance for themselves while others just want peace to reign and nothing more.

With an eye full of tears, I write with the hope that Nigeria becomes better than it uses to be as people continue to run out of options on what else to do to move the country forward on their own. It has to be a collective responsibility and that’s why every hand must be on deck to ensure that we get a new Nigeria

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