A cry for help


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Different people have a lot of personal problems they are facing, and this does not even come to light most times to those who are closest to them. The silent attitude and happy faces happen to deceive the people surrounding them so well. An outsider might conclude that they live a happy life, and they will wish for a life of theirs. It is better to be careful of what we wish for.

They may be struggles that they won’t even know how to face or address while some problems are quite difficult for people to understand. These are the hardest problems for the harbor, and this leaves a huge gap/ vacuum in one’s life.

I have been fortunate enough to have people open to me about their personal struggles and it makes me wonder how people with happy faces suffer from no one having an idea. In a world where everyone is struggling to make an end meet and this, in turn, makes it hard to check in on other people. So, we never can tell what sup with the life of people closest to us

A popular post I came across this morning states that we are all in the storm together, but a lot of people are in the storm with a Yacht, while some with a boat and others with a canoe. This is just to say that even though we might be facing the same hardship, some people are more equipped than others to face the storm than others. In closing, let us be kind to people and show love while rendering help in any way we can as a lot of people are going through a lot

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Hi friend.

Many times people try to solve their problems in the best way without worrying their relatives, it depends on the attitude that is taken many times we observe the person and see them happy but inside they are dying and trying to move on, as there are people who can't stand the pressure and threaten their own life no matter how much theirs suffer for that decision.


Being careful with what we want is synonymous with prudence, in life we can't go walking at a reckless pace as those will cause us hundreds of problems. Thank you @lebey1 for this post.


Thanks for reading, i appreciate

Hello friend, we all go through problems in this life, we just don't show it so as not to worry the people around us and many times we judge and criticize without knowing what that person is going through or living. Greetings.