As this year club football winds up, here are five key takeaways

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The 2020/2021 football season draws close to an end and we must all conclude that it has been a roller-coaster and one hell of a year. Football has really helped during this tough period and, it has been great and welcomed distractions from happenings all around the world. Well, covid still kills and most nations are suffering from it while some nations are yet to recover from its attack.

With that been said, what are the five key events which took place during this year football season? well, you must continue reading to find out. The events are highlighted in the underlined headings.

Football bragging right has changed hands now

Football is changing and English teams seem to be on top of the food chain now. This is evident as they dominated in all European tournaments, they were opportune to partake in. with Chelsea and Manchester city playing the final of the Champions League on the 29th of the month, it speaks a lot about the quality of teams and players in the English team rank.

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Not forgetting that Manchester United will also be playing the Europa League final against a Villarreal team who eliminated a sloppy Arsenal in the semi-finals in order to book a spot in the final. Not also forgetting that over three English teams were present up to the quarter-finals stage of the champions league while for the Europa League, four English teams round up the last eight.

A lot has been said about English football in the past, but they managed to step up and collect their bragging right from Spain who has dominated for years. The calibre of players and coaches in the English league has helped pushed all teams to do better and up their game in order to level up.

FIFA cares more about Money than football and racism

This may come as a shock but if we learnt something from the UEFA and FIFA organization, it will be that greed has crept deep into the game and all they care about now is just the funds. The recent breakaway threat by top football clubs revealed how fast UEFA could react to something that could dampen the way they make money and they make little or no effort responding to Racism, threats and abuse to footballers in the same way.


The line of action which the UEFA and FIFA organization took just to kill the super league idea was swift and extreme. They won’t ever react to racism or player abuse in such a manner and that shows how little they value the game or the football teams or the players. It completely shows that they just care about the fund and money alone.

Although many footballer lover and fans were against the super league initiative but it was actually what was best for the clubs really due to the huge amount they have lost during the corona period. The super league might happen sooner rather than later if FIFA and UEFA continue to run the organization with greed.

All great things have an end and the end is close for the two greats

The debate of who is better between Ronaldo and Messi is winding up of late as a lot of people do not compare this great any longer rather, they just enjoy them. Messi is approaching 34 while Ronaldo is 36 years of age already and even with that age, they continue to contribute a very high level. Although they are still outstanding, but their output has been at a decreasing rate.

These two greats will forever be talked about but their influence on their respective team is still high, but they can no longer operate at a level they once operate. With both Messi and Ronaldo failing to inspire their team to win the league in their respective league and failing to make a meaningful mark in the champions league (a tournament both have fared greatly). It is becoming evident that their career is at where any could hang up the boot at any minute.

Although individually, both still won the golden boots of their respective leagues and Messi won one title while Ronaldo managed to get two despite his team woeful display all season. That does not mean that both players are not still exceptional, but they are just not at the level they both once were. So enjoy them now that you can.


Surprises at the end as new champions emerged from different leagues

When this season started a lot was expected from each of the top five European leagues but there were favourites who were tipped to come champions at the end of the season. Things did not work the way everyone expected aside from the German league of course where Bayern won the league for a record time. The German league has been monopolized with Bayern weaken other teams by buying their top stars.

Well, the top prediction of teams tipped to come champions at various leagues were;
England: Liverpool
Spain: Barcelona
Italy: Juventus
France: Paris Saint Germain
Germany: Bayern Munich

The only prediction gotten correctly was that of Germany with Bayern winning with a very high margin. Manchester City ended up winning the English league and Lille shocked the world by lifting the French league. Inter Millan also came victorious as Serie A champion displacing Juventus stronghold on the title while Athletico edged Real Madrid to become la-Liga champions. So many shocking champions but the winners were well deserved at the end.

Ballon D'or nominees for this year will be full of surprises

While teams fall and other rises, the same applied to individual players too. While some had a great footballing campaign despite their teams crumbling, some players flopped while their team performed excellently well. The candidates for this year ballon d'Or will be shocking and the winner chosen will surely be a worthy one.


The likes of Harry Kane is one of the top guns for this gong as he has done excellently well during this season campaign. Winning the golden boot and assist gong is an achievement many could only dream of achieving in the premier league. The likes of Kante of Chelsea also have a shoot at the gong through his incredible and unequalled work rate at the middle of the park for Chelsea.

The regular suspects will of course consist of the likes of Lewandoski, Messi and Ronaldo but the candidate with the best shot at taking the gong home is Mbappe of PSG. He can claim the gong if he could win the Euros with the France team.

What’s your take on any of the issue highlighted above?

also, it's good to be back posting in this awesome community, kudos to @cryptoandcoffee and @OCD for making this community work.

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Like everything else, soccer has undergone drastic changes since last year as a result of Covid-19, and evidently these changes have had strong effects among the soccer population worldwide, we have lost players, coaches, club owners, but in spite of everything we have kept that party and love for the beautiful game.
We will have better times to enjoy and see the progress of soccer in the world.
Thanks for sharing


i second your view mate. better days lies ahead