Crises looms in Nigeria as Nigerian Government bans Twitter

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The Nigerian government on Friday declared their intention to ban Twitter in the country due to the Twitter deleting a tweet from the president account on Wednesday. Twitter was of the opinion that the tweet goes against all terms and condition and also violate of their rules. The tweet has been said to promote war and also a threat to the South East Region of Nigerian popularly called the Igbos.



Due to the unrest in the economy for a while now due to the lack of security and also killings in the Eastern part of the country, the Igbos have declared their intention to part away from Nigeria. They have been flaunting their new country called Biafra on numerous platforms and they have just reasons and cause to enact this new movement.

Since the swearing-in of president Muhammad Buhari into power, the Nigerian economy has suffered immensely as the office of the president seems clueless on policy and actions to take the country forward. Also, they have been biases in how people are been appointed to public offices in the nation. All over the country, it is a common sight to see northerners holding all major public offices even when they are least qualified for the role.

The cluelessness of the office of the president on how to properly govern the country has seen the debt of the country rose to an amount that will be hard to repay and this led to an economic meltdown in the country. Yet the loans borrowed has not reflected in the country or her people as things go have become worst than they use to be. With high inflation on necessity goods and consumables, the country might be heading for war in the not so distant future.



All this coupled with the high rate of unemployment and squandering of public money meant for the masses as left Nigeria and her people into a deeper mess. Banning twitter was a dick move and it will lead to more economic meltdown in Nigeria as this move will surely make more Nigerians lose their source of livelihood. The unemployment numbers are set to rise as influencers and entrepreneurs who have taken the platform as the base of their operation will be left stranded.

The move to ban twitter will also dissuade foreigners investing in the country as Twitter will be one major platform that will be looking at to announce their arrival. A lot is on the ropes for Nigerians and their citizens as they stand to lose more from this ban by the federal government. The move will cause more havoc than it has caused already at the time of writing.

The paintings on the wall are not in Nigeria favours and hopefully, the Nigerian federal government will be making a U-turn on its decision as lots of Nigerians have been affected negatively by this decision. What's your take on the issue at hand in Nigeria? Would love to hear about them in the comment section.

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hello @lebey1,
one of the things that is common in developing countries is to try to ban all media outlets that broadcast news that go against their governments, this only brings disaster and violence, I hope that nigeria does not become a country where freedoms are determined by the few.


As it stands.. its worse than you even think beacuse human lives are becoming meaningless as the days goes by

Hello @lebey1
Sorry to read this. It seems that politicians only look out for their benefit but do not think about the people, a story that repeats itself in too many countries.
The world in general is governed by brainless people, and they come to power so they can be manipulated by big interests, it is unfortunate, but it is the reality. Luckily you work with cryptos, and maybe you may have other options but the reality is that most do not.


Very brainless set of people rules most countries . Also my involvement in cryptocurreny has been my saving grace

I just can't stopping thinking about what is happening in Nigeria, the dictatorship is just too much. I pray the outside world run to their aid someday


The outside world haa problems of their own too. Its time for people in nigeria to break away and govern themselves