Merit of being an early adopter; why you should use #proofofbrain

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Being in the blockchain blogging world for years now, I can wholeheartedly say that being an early adopter of any project have its merits. Although, I haven't been that lucky to be an early adopter of any project aside from CAKE of the pancakeswap but I must confess that being early gives you an edge. Well, I knew that from my Cake story and that's why I am doing my best to stake and mine more CUB in order to be at the front seat In the not so distant future.



On the reason for the creation of this blog post, well, I am trying to raise more awareness on the use of the Proof of brain front end to make a blog post on the hive blockchain. Well, not many people know about the beauty of this awesome created platform and it saddens me that a lot of people are missing out. Well, guess what, I am not stingy like most people, so I am going to let you all on a secret which is Blog through the frontend.

you might be wondering why should you use the Proofofbrain front end to make my post, well the reasons are stated below;

  • Extra incentives for your original work
  • A Team with a plan
  • Engagement within the community
  • It is a community-driven platform
  • All niches are welcome [at the moment]
  • the tokenomics and burning mechanism are great
  • Everyone is welcome

while this was supposed to be a post for the bloggers alone, I would also love investors to check the platform out alongside the token. for investors, it will interest you to know that proofofbrain token which is POB has just 323,766.28 tokens as its total token supply. more reason why buying now will make you smile much later. This brings me to the tokenomics of POB


Total : 323,766.28
Circulating (99.86%) : 323,321.88
Burn (0.14%): 444.40
Staking (91.00%) : 294,216.29

It will interest you to know that the POB tokens are very scarce as the majority of the earliest investors has them staked up. and with over 444 burnt for life during its short existence, you can bet that the token can only get more scares and more valuable. With that in mind, investing either your time or funds in POB ( a piece of great investment advice that I will gladly give anyone. You can't go wrong with that, take a cue from the leofinance platform where most of the users are investors and stakers, POB may likely outgrow them based on the action and zeal of the team and community members.

will be back to complete the rest...

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