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The Cake token was launched in October last year at $1.2 dollars and the price at the time of writing is $17.79. it has been five months of massive growth for the token which many expect to clock over 100 dollars before the year runs out. The token is quite literally capable of attaining that.

It doesn't look like a token with such potential at the launch of the token and to be sincere many people didn't see it as one serious token to associate with. It dipped right after its launch and in November it has gone to $0.19. all it needed was a big break and when it got it, the growth has never slowed down in fact it has gotten to an all-time high of $20 dollars in February.

These are days of little humble beginning for CAKE and that's more reason why Cub tokens should be taken more seriously. Cub token was launched with a starting price of around $3-$4. There were no presale and therefore a little percentage of the token was distributed to holders of LEO/WLEO.

Apr was very high at first but the mass adoption and staking of the cub token have seen stabilising at 120% at the moment. This is subject to change in the not so distant future as more people adopt the Token.

The whole point of the post is just to pour more light on the fact that the CUB token is far away from its true potential but if we are to go by the CAKE story coupled with the Excellent Leo dev team, then CUB could actually surpass CAKE in value and even uses cases.

The above statement is not an exaggeration, in fact, it's been backed up by noticeable proof through the mechanism put in place by the team behind CUB. some are CUB putting a buyback plan in place through the fees generated from staking in the Den with other tokens. The cake doesn't have that in place.

While cake burns their token, CUB also has that in stock too and it shows how way ahead CUB token is. One major factor which places CUB ahead of Cake is the fact that the supply of CUB is very limited unlike Cake with an infinite total supply.

I am not just stating these facts to persuade you to buy and stake your CUB but I am also educating you why you should never miss out on a chance to get a CUB token now that is it very cheap. the current value is $2.7 and that's might be the lowest price you ever come across again.

Cub finance already got their own exchanges and very soon, they will become the go-to platform for token exchanges. Buy CUB now to kick start your financial breakthrough journey

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Hello @lebey1

Impressive this data you share "The APR was very high at the beginning, but the massive adoption and putting the cub token into play has seen it stabilize at 120% at this point", that 120% is an extraordinary number and researched about I have this, I am not yet invested in CUB but I think I will soon have that option among my next desitions.

Best regards, be well.

Hi @lebey1, I agree that CUB has good upside potential, however, it has been dropping considerably in price. It is currently at 1.7usd, which is less than half the price it debuted at. I hope it goes up and can really come in at a great price.