Three Smart ways of Earning Proof of brain Native token POB


No one said earning will be easy but you can't expect it to come that easy too. Little efforts go along in making sure that dreams are turned to reality and within the proof of brain blogging platform, you need to make little sacrifices or at least put an effort to earn the most sought token on the Hive ecosystem.



I don't need to start talking about how far the community and token have grown as I am sure we are all aware of that but the burning mechanism is the deal maker for me. Anyways I have been monitoring the platform for quite some time and I must confess that this is a community-driven project has every member are hell-bent on making the project work.

Obtaining POB tokens from posts is not as easy as it uses to be and that's a good thing as demand mixed with scarcity causes the token price to rise. The strategy was well thought of and together with the burning mechanism incorporated, I see the token being cheap at whatever price it costs now.

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without further wasting of time, below are the three smart ways of earning POB:

  • Buying and staking POB for curation purposes:

The easiest way to earn POB is to invest your funds in it. Getting POB from the steem-engine market and staking it to earn a curation reward. At the moment any amount at which you get POB at the market, its a steal due to the structure and how limited the token supply is. So earning POB from curation is the surest way of earning POB curation and it could either be passively or being active.

  • Creating contents from the Proof Of brain Frontend:

No better way of earning POB than being noticed in the first place and posting your contents through the proof of brain frontend offers an opportunity to achieve that. It is okay to post your contents through other frontends too but higher chances of being curated come from uploading your contents through the POB frontend. More recognition and exposures equal higher chances of earning POB tokens.

  • Cultivating the habit of engaging and creating connections:

This is certainly the oldest trick in the earning book of the hive ecosystem. Proof of brain also shares from this philosophy. Engaging on posts of other authors through the comments will certainly make you visible and likely rewarded. Although this could be very tasking at times as it requires time, consistency but once gotten right, it is highly rewarding.

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Although, this is the easiest way of earning POB of course earning POB is not limited to this methods. I will be open to learning more ways in which one could earn POB from members of the community. kindly drop your contributions in the comment section. thank you.

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