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Well, this is not just an imaginary topic from the cloud but it's just me acting on the event that happened to @starstrings01, lol. well, he decided to turn it into a contest. you can read more about this from a post he made on his blog. The link also represents a link to the contest he hosted based on this event.


So yeah based on the question on what I will do with an airdrop worth 50k, well, it took me five days to come up with an answer to this as a lot of ideas came to my head but I want to be truthful as much as possible.

This requires me to filter what is really necessary and what is not necessary and to be frank, all you are about to read are exactly what I will be doing if I come across such an amount from an airdrop.

So yeah, there is a lot $50k can do in my life at the moment and truth be told they are plans in place for the funds that are yet to be in my possession. Truth be told, I am not going to sugar quote anything but what I know is that 30% of the fund is going back into crypto.

The crypto I am going to buy ain't much although I am very exposed to the crypto world but, I am going settle for the cheap crypto with potentials. 30 per cent of 50,000 dollars is 15,000 dollars. So I will be buying CUB Finance, Hive, CAKE, BNB and SFUND. I will be buying the crypto with 3,000 dollars each.

The rest of the amount which stands at 35,000 will be used for my own personal development and my family development also. I will be giving my family 15,000 dollars and the rest of the 20,000 dollars remaining will be used for sorting myself.

I will be re-enrolling for my master's program in Canada and also the rest will be used to sort my living expenses while schooling over others. on average Tuition fee for the Master's program is 6000 dollars on average, the rest of the cash will be used for my upkeep and travelling and processing expenses over there.

my plans are short but well thought of and as I rightly said it took me five days to come up with an answer for this contest. so that's all I will be doing with the funds if I get it at all.

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What I plan to do with 100000 hive power

been on the platform for over 3 years now and I know how much it hurts not getting recognition from a platform that claims to reward its users for originality. on that note, I will ensure that every quality posts that I come in contact with getting the deserved reward from my end.

to achieve that I will publish a post every day and I will invite people to post their quality posts link in my comment box in order to be rewarded. the upvote won't be random and posts get upvote in order of their originality and quality. I will embrace all post types in as much as it is of quality and also regardless of your ratings on the hive platform.

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