How Does It Feel To Be Back To University After All That Time/ Personal Blog

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Hello everyone! This time I'm going to be different and I'm going to share a personal blog and experience since it's been a long time since I've done one like those. Many countries haven't been as strict as they were at the very first of COVID-19 and the country I live in is one of those countries, yet there are some restrictions like face mask in certain places or getting both doses of vaccine in other places but those are nothing compared to the situation a year ago.


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First impression

As humans we tend to stay in groups since we are all sociable, so returning back to universities/schools return back life for many people all around the globe. One of the things I've noticed from the many things I saw in first day was the happy faces. It's been a long time for me personally to see all those people gathering at one place with laughs and smiles all around, I used to see individuals complaining about being at home for too long and not being able to see their loved ones or their friends, and that was a great return for them. I also noticed that the stores are being more active than all the time they've been through in the past 2 years, they have gone through a lot and many have already closed, yet the ones opening or the new ones that have opened lately are working very well and people going in and out almost all day, so those are such great days for them.

As a student

There is much to talk about at this point yet I will try to cover the main things that caught my attention or left an impression in me. I will start with studying itself, it's way different to see the professors affront of you, being enthusiastic to start the new term while looking at their students for the first time in a while. Professors seemed to be very happy about it and that indicates their true intentions of transfer their knowledge and build new generations that are capable of doing miracles. The students on the other hand are mostly happy, some aren't so satisfied since they got used to sleeping late and not studying at all which is something they can't do now, however I believe they will get used to the new and true routine. You could see that many are excited to start studying again since now it all depends on them and their hard-work without relying on any other source of cheating or looking at others getting better marks when they don't deserve it.

After 2 weeks

It's been two weeks, yet I haven't felt that. Everything starts feeling like it's going back to normal with just new things to add to our lives like being more cautious of people around us, or maybe reducing the contact with people or avoid gatherings, but can never talk about new things without mentioning masks which have to be with you all the time. Some subjects are still going under online education which is okay since it might reduce the gathering especially if the university can't keep up with the huge numbers of people that have to take that subject especially if it's a compulsory one. Most people are getting used to the new routine and one by one they will be able to make it their normal life style even if it seemed hard for them. And for me I had some trouble in changing my sleeping schedule yet it's getting better day after another. Also I already got used to walking for long periods since they university isn't small at all (Thanks to gym that prepared me mentally and physically for that lol).

In the end

I hope the situation won't change to the worse one since we have got the taste of our old real life we used to live and we need to live too. Seeing people in the places where they belong (Workplace, universities, and schools) should make everyone grateful for being in a good health and get the chance to start again with their lives.

Hopefully it wasn't too long, thanks for reading, until next time.


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Hello @lennyblogs!
This week I also had the opportunity to return to the university where I work to be part of the jury evaluating a thesis and as you say, returning is a blessing to have health and life, however, the conditions of the institution are not the best for a return to classes, I think you have to better assess the situation. Greetings!


Indeed it is a blessing to be back to the healthy lifestyle, yet I believe most of the institutions must have been ready for that already.

Thanks for reading through!

Returning to classes had always been a cause of joy and illusions within all of us who as teachers or students are part of that environment, unfortunately the not only sanitary but also economic conditions change the current panorama a bit.

In my case, I am a university professor, our house of studies is not capable of receiving students, much less that they can attend to see classes, so we have to continue our classes in a virtual environment.

Greetings @lennyblogs, have a happy day.


Why not though? Not prepared yet or just various reasons?

Thanks for reading!

Hi @lennyblogs
That auditorium looks like the one at the university where I studied, I graduated almost 7 years ago, so things were normal and that pandemic was a story that was read and that's it, nothing more. But things changed drastically. Don't forget to take care of yourself, because we can't be careless. Greetings. I hope this new stage will be very good for you.


Many auditoriums look the same, I didn't take a real picture yet where I study also looks the same but with more comfy chairs. I will, thanks a lot!

Greetings @lennyblogs
How does it feel to go back to college after such a long time? No doubt that returning to classes will be marked by many questions, mixed emotions, fear, sadness for not seeing some classmates who passed away, but with a lot of illusion to return to normality and learn from what happened.

I am sure that many will have the idea of recovering the lost time and it will not be possible, the important thing is to go little by little and adapt to the new circumstances of life.

Thank you very much for sharing your publication.


Sad for those who lost close friends of is really hard to take yet that's the consequences of pandemics, we can not change the fact that only thing we can do is being extra careful in order to help those who are close to us before ourselves.

Thanks for reading through!


Thanks for your support!