Wellness and Happiness are Way Important than Money

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The world is growing obsessed with money and all things physical. Certain people are striving to increase the stakes for their loved ones by increasing the size of their house, the type of vehicle they drive, and even where they vacation on their days off.


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Facts About Most People

These people are sad in my opinion. I have a friend who, like the others mentioned, is constantly thinking about money and talking money. Instructions about how to get it, how to use it, and so on. He has a key role in a lottery organization that employs roughly fifty people. He usually brings a piece of paper with the numbers on it and a small pen with him when he goes out on a Saturday evening. He calls his better half at nine o'clock, and she tells him what the numbers are for that particular evening. He then spends about twenty minutes actually looking at the data at that time.

He then returns from the restroom and is questioned by various members of the group about the amount he has won/lost. He hasn't had much success so far, but that won't stop him. For the next hour, he'll start a debate, asking various people how they would spend their winnings if they ever won the lotto.


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Wellness and happiness are the two most important things in my life. These are two things that money cannot buy. My friend's father had been seriously ill for a number of years. He had to spend roughly five months in an emergency clinic, despite the fact that he was only 57 years old. Despite my friend's best efforts to think and be optimistic, he failed most times. He reasoned that even if he could give those professionals everything he possesses on the earth, it would not assist him.
Joy is a lot like money; we've had a lot of it in our back pockets at times, however, we've been quite depressed. we've encountered financial shortages on several occasions.

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Greetings dear @lennyblogs once I heard a pastor say that money was bad, but at the same time it was something that left us very close to happiness, I would say that it leaves us a block away.

Happiness can be achieved in many ways, but although we deny it, money allows us a greater approach towards it. Entertainment reading greetings.


Money plays a great role in almost all life aspects son if we managed to have enough money for stable and healthy life then we can be happy with that.

Thanks for reading through!

Greetings friend @lennyblogs, I think they have conditioned us on the one hand to "adore" money as the most important thing there is and on the contrary to see it as something bad, something that we should not "obsess over", I think the secret It is about maintaining balance and giving money the fair value it has as a means of obtaining tranquility, comfort and opportunities, because as the saying goes, money attracts money and having it, in abundance if possible, is not bad, as long as it is obtained and it is invested in a healthy way, with values and moral principles and that serves to, as far as possible, help as many people as possible.

Very good article to reflect on the place that money occupies in our lives.

PD: I really like your animated banner


Money, for those who know how to use it, is useful but also we need to look on the way of getting it since some people would do whatever even forbiddened ways just to get money and that's where it becomes as a bad part of life.

Thanks for reading through!

Hello my friend.

From my point of view health, happiness and above all family should be the most important thing for everyone before money, money serves us to live well but does not give us happiness or health that is something that even with all the money you can't buy.

Thank you for your article.


Money is complementary and essential at the same time if that makes sense. It is essential when you are looking to have enough to live and cover all your expenses and have some savings, and complementary when you need more just for your own joy. That's ehy I think it is hard to determine where to rank it.

Thanks for reading through!

We all know money cannot buy happiness. Their are few things that money cannot buy like emotions and happiness.

And regarding health , family this should be the first priority before money as without this two you cannot achieve success in life.

Hi @lennyblogs

Beyond the rhetoric of the title, I fully agree that welfare and happiness are more important than money, unfortunately the modern society to which we belong has contaminated us with anti-values, which make us value money more than our own welfare.

Best regards, be well.


New generations in general are making money as priority, even before their own families which makes life hard to understand.

Thanks for reading through!

Hello @lennyblogs!
Unfortunately today so much value is given to money, to the material that sometimes they seek in any way to get it and get tied to it forgetting that money does not give happiness, certainly it is important to live but it is not the center of life. Greetings!


Money plays a role in happiness yet it isn't the happiness itself, better think of health and other factors which are way more important.

Thanks for reading through!