Advertising Statistics Indicate Blockchain more in Need than Let On!

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Are corporations eyeing blockchain? Absolutely!

Many have project spanning over a year in development. I believe about half (of corporate chains) run on Hyperledger. A recent Forbes article illustrates just how much digital environments need blockchain.

Check out the Forbes article (Dr. Augustine Fou, CMO Network):

Billions Spent On Digital Ads, And You’re Not Sure?

Especially the info-graphic about middlemen pocketing 50%.

Within the article, it discusses how big brands shut down hundreds of millions in "digital ad spending" and noticed no change to sales.

There's also the issue of knowing if adds run or not.

More companies seem to want to try halting their add spending but few have the courage.

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it is an interesting topic and the truth is that big corporations are investing millions of dollars in advertising that is not reliable, other companies are using surveys to segment their audience but these surveys are hacked and filled with false information to earn the reward paid by the company, all this makes that the information obtained by the company will not be effective when advertising.