Alt Season is Here!

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After munching on those winter nuts, our little Bitcoin squirrels are ready to Spring into Alt Season. Two indicators support a sustained rally:

  • 10% gain on BTC dominance
  • Simultaneously hitting the 25% mark of a global market indicator

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10% Gain on Bitcoin Dominance

The importance of a 10% gain on BTC dominance- from about 59% to 54%- shouldn't be overlooked. 10% is a standard economic practice. It's the minimum amount recommended to save from each paycheck, as well as for donations. It's used as a down payment benchmark for primary assets. Not surprisingly, this benchmark also has implications for corporate equity.

Elon Musk (along with some blue chip corporations) view Bitcoin from an equity perspective. BTC's stable growth (over time) and as an integral virtual asset for the future economy could prove to radically transform business practices. DeFi is merely the first popular application. ProFi (programmable finance) introduces compliance and more robust applications.

One-quarter of the DJIA

Reaching the 25% mark of a major global indicator may prove more impressive than the equity metric. 10% equity allocation can be considered part of a conservative strategy. Responding to a valuation of one-quarter of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is more of a growth metric. When taken together, the indication is that Alt coins are here to stay.

Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels

This is new territory. It was not that long ago that the whole market was less than $1 trillion. 13 figures is such a key indicator because it's the unit used to discuss global economics.

The logical flow of discussion would then be to investigate how great of an influence crypto has upon the world. Starting with the most respected indicator provides for a broad perspective of magnitude. At $8.3 trillion, the DJIA is about four times that of the crypto market.

A Visualization: Right off the bat, this analysis sees the DJIA grab the major headline. Crypto maintains a section of the front page. Other entities on the front page might be those hovering around $100 billion- a figure which has historically proved to be a good gauge for long-term investment.

Photo by Craige McGonigle from Pexels

Keep in mind that the move from $1 trillion to $2 trillion was (relatively) lightning quick. This illustrates another astounding fact. Growing to one quarter of the DJIA is beyond the dreams of most markets. Merely consider the top global 10 markets as listed by Interactive Biodiversity Information System. They ranged from $4.3 to $1.5 trillion. To do so while aggressively innovating really redefines "disruptive technology".

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hi @machnbirdsparo,
one of the things I see is that these altcoins are hitting record highs, it is possible that money is moving in that direction to take profits before the market correction, something similar to what was the market correction in 2017, I hope the correction will not be that strong and altcoins will not lose so much value.


There must be a time when altcoins hold value substantially greater than the do now. Regulations can still insist upon another crypto cycle, but MLB and IBM investing in NFTs is a good sign that crypto has established a new floor.

Greetings. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are going to replace conventional currencies, an example of this is the rapid growth they have had. Not for little, big investors are placing their trust in that emerging economy that is the Cryptocurrency. Thank you for sharing.


These are exciting times indeed.