ClarionOS and EdenOS: Blockchain Moves toward Integration

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Without Dan Larimer, it's unlikely that the crypto community (especially writers and creators) would be where it is today. It was Dan who was behind the inspiration and development of Steemit. Hive, LeoFinance, and other platform benefited greatly from those early Steemit warriors.

When Dan announced the ClarionOS project, it was clear that something special was on the horizon. EdenOS soon followed.

How does this impact the earlier successes of Dan and his team?

Here's him discussing potential for an integrated future ecosystem:

Imagine combining #EOS, Eden, and a ... behind a single easy to use decentralized interface all integrated with #Clarion...moderating content and rewarding contributors...

Will Steemit and other closely related platforms be impacted?

In seeking an answer to that question, consider the initial March 2nd announcement of ClarionOS:

If you are interested in my next project, #clarionos, a logically decentralized communication platform to replace centralized services (email, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, medium) then join the discussion on GitHub.

Clarion has been described as an integration for blockchain. A change in the status quo.

Here's some more information on Clarion and Eden. Feel free to leave a comment here or join the community discussion. Whether you have ideas you believe the broader community can benefit from or you just wish to know more, now is the time to be heard.

  • Clarion is about communication.
  • Eden is about governance.
  • Both are about distribution.
  • They seek to uphold those original Bitcoin dreams.
  • Community driven projects progress rapidly (e.g. choosing a logo).
  • Funding distribution is determined by the community.

The community rallying behind ClarionOS sets out to provide the world with the type of fair, technologically advanced communication and economics that's in dire need right now.

To join the discussion and learn more visit

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hello @machnbirdsparo,
When talking about rescuing the original values of BTC I feel it is a romantic idea, it is possible that it is in the DNA of human beings to centralize everything and exercise power from that centralization, if Mr. Dan and his team can achieve that goal of rescuing the original values on which BTC and the entire blockchain were founded, it would be a great success for the entire ecosystem.


Important to keep an eye on core fundamentals, as well as the original vision.

Company mission statements are often overlooked. Similar circumstance here.