El Salvador Passes Bitcoin Bill

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El Salvador and Venezuela now share an intimate bond, that of cryptocurrencies. For Venezuela, it’s a grass roots movement that many in the government likely fear. For El Salvador, it was a decisive act of Congress (image below) that barely slowed for a sort of filibuster attempt.


If you’ve been a reader of Project Hope articles for any significant amount of time then you’re probably aware of our connection with Venezuela. Here’s a Steemit article by daiel (image below) from 4 years ago:


2 years ago, our own Project Hope team (image below) felt a need to expand and already began making deliveries.


As PH grew so too has Venezuelans in their adoption of crypto. They are among the most active in the world (image below).


EOS Venezuela is a block producer which gives it the same status as Google Cloud. There’s even a plan for a Crypto Peso.

Image adapted from u/BCScalingScout1in More news from Venezuela...

With Venezeulans fighting for their freedom (and their lives) leading the charge, and El Salvadorans’ congressional win, crypto in the region is getting to be a big deal. Thus tends to be the case when the Wall Street Journal covers a story.

There was even an effort to finance Venezuela through Splinterlands as far back as 2 years ago by help.venezuela (image below). But that’s NFT stuff, which deserves its own story.


Just imagine if Bitcoin was legal throughout the world. History books may very well look back on this historic day and point to non-traditional economic developments like independent aviation economies. How different will shuttling flights between El Salvador and Venezuela be in the coming year? It's a trip not much further than New York City to Chicago; and trekking to LA is nearly twice as far!

Oh yeah, and that whole green initiative thing came up in a Twitter Spaces (hosted by Nic Carter) discussion attended by the President of Venezuela while votes were being cast.

image.png adapted from several free2use pexels.com images


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

- Jeremiah 29:11 from DailyVerses.net via Hope


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Hello @machnbirdsparo

You know reading this you say "El Salvador and Venezuela now share an intimate bond, that of cryptocurrencies", it is something that calls for reflection, this I am going to mention is not something totally linked to your posts, but notice although the users of the crypto world longs for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, contrary they are opposed to this type of measures like those taken by El Salvador, it is a madness issue it seems they really do not believe in cryptos.

Best regards, be well.


Out of madness (chaos) comes order... a saying that early Bitcoiners knew well enough to establish and facilitate an ordering system.

For the masses, eh [shrug], but for those in power seeking to keep a lid on the technology in the way of the Internet by centralized servers, woo to their ill founded efforts.