Fed Outage vs. Crypto Investments

5개월 전

The Federal Reserve’s payment system went down. This is not something that generally makes news. It coincides with a drop in Bitcoin and some very large investors entering crypto.

image.pngimage from pexels.com by Expect Best

Not only did the Fed shrug it off like it was a matter of insignificance, buy comments were made as to the strength of the banking industry. Maybe relativity was the theme, relative in a pandemic governed economy.

  • Are banks stronger than most financial accounts? Sure.
  • Can banks support all their clientele if a rush on money happens? History has proven otherwise.

Just wanted a reminder of this event in case it were to happen again- especially in the near future. Also, hoping to inspire a discussion.

Keep in mind, Bitcoin's origin coincides with not one mega-bailout, but bailouts across the globe and some countries experienced multiple mounds of cash printed to get things in order.

Also keep in mind that bailouts were not the answer. Credit ratings were adjusted to put reigns on gaming the economy by those who add little value and effort.


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Many things are changing and for many countries printing money is a very common practice when they are in crisis, of course this is not always cause for alarm but I do agree that if corrective measures are not taken history tends to repeat itself, the storm of the pandemic has not yet passed and soon many economies will have to tighten their belts to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Hi @machnbirdsparo
I think these data you provide are interesting for reflection, and to know what we are doing, there is a reality that is hitting us all although in different ways. The pandemic has changed the world order of many things, even economically there is a clear difference in what is happening today, and what could happen in a month. We have to be aware of everything that is happening.


Indeed, awareness is integral to sustaining life. The timeliness of our information is often overlooked.