: A Perspective Timeline on Crypto

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This entry will be a bit different. I wanted to take stock of my perspective on crypto history. Feel free to comment and add your insights. This should serve as a nice reference point to look back to. While not much, I believe I touch upon the feelings of the times, especially where we are now.

A Perspective Timeline on Crypto

2008: Global Realization of Economic Crisis

One only needs to search for the year's housing market. There were other things that warranted attention. Much more.

2009: An Idea in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin's history has been dated back to the 90s. Well the underlying technology is. The concept of a digital currency has been the dream of Internet developers for a while. It's fascinating and I encourage you to explore some of the minds that are respected by the crypto industry.

2010: Pizza! A New BTC Reality?

Some guy paid 10k BTC for a couple of pies. Even adding just three zeros to that makes it a multi-million dollar transaction. An illustration of the desire to use crypto

2011: The Dollar BTC and Litecoin Speed

When BTC reached one U.S. Dollar, a very important mental hurdle had been conquered. People could more clearly see themselves trading crypto for something real.

2012: Techies Trade BTC to a Tune of $100

At $100 per BTC that might one day be part of a pool of 21 million, digital professionals understood that even if the world rejected crypto, they had their own little market. For online living, it made a lot of things possible. No wonder why other projects began putting in serious efforts.

2013: $1,000? Yes, Really. 1rst Major Bull Run.

Too good to be true? A $20 billion potential market valuation.


If you know that crypto syllable then reading this probably GOXed a rise out of you. If you don’t, look it up. It did seem that crypto was coming down to reality. But those who are in know understand the difference between compromising blockchain technology and an exchange's server.

2015: Pressure Pushes BTC Under $200

BTC took crypto and some of the excitement down with it. Media pressure certainly added to the challenges of establishing the young industry.

2016: Developer Tensions Build, Fundamental Growth Continues

With the avalanche more than a year past, developers and the true believer communities, began to gain some respect again. It is probably at this point that some corporations began committing substantial resources to blockchain. Unfortunately, tensions among BTC developers began to impact the industry at large.

2017: Alts-driven Bull Run, Division (hard fork), SegWit

Even with internal conflicts and a substantial BTC hard fork, the market ran. It was unlike anything the world had ever seen. ETH, LTC, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, EOS, DASH, ADA, and many other cryptos were garnering investor interest. BTC was old, boring and fodder for mainstream media.

2018: ICO Scams Define Crypto

The crypto crash of 2018 is said to have been cause by ICO scams and the pressure of government regulation. Many have left because of it, while others have stayed.

2019: Governments, Corporations, and Industries Admit to Blockchain

Blockchain is here. Governments recognize the technology is superior to traditional digital ledger systems. A few established corporations and some industries have already proven their worth. Hopefully crypto will follow. And as for those new to the industry, yes blockchain and crypto should be integrally tied, but this is not how the vocabulary is being used. This is why some (me included) push for clarifications of "decentralization".


COVID-19 has forced many behind digital screens. Those who aren't yet into crypto are more likely to have an opinion now. I hope that many people understand that large corporations and governments are already employing blockchain technology. It took a lot for the world to get to this point, and there’s no going back. Digital assets, intellectual properties and individual contributions to the information superhighway matter.

Institutions like the U.S. Congress has stood up and emphatically said that large corporations can no longer freely use the personal information of citizens to manipulate how we live. But crypto is much more than this. It’s about the value we add through digital tools, not just our personal information. Hopefully more people will realize that their work should be compensated.

It's for the good of everyone that the one putting in the effort is rewarded and not a less interested party.

God “will repay each person according to what they have done.”

- Romans 2:6 NIVfrom via reward

This is my eleventh post in my/itt/ series. I leave you with some inspiration from the initial post:

The landscape of blogging and social media is changing.


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good and complete analysis, things seem repeat in cycles or periods, so the story says.

Very analytical and interesting essay, I congratulate you.


thank you

was on my head and now I have a place to more easily set it straight :)

Hello friend, excellent tour of history in your publication, it is always good to remember all the evolution that we have lived. Greetings.


IKR :)

Always a pleasure, but then, we share the spelling of our last name and more than that, you're a toon too!

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