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The Internet and Global Conflict

It really was not that long ago that we were fascinated by the likes of Amazon. Those who are just graduating may have a tough time seeing the world in this way.
Before Connectivity

For me, I was just beginning to work at around eleven years old delivering papers when before I entered high school the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up.

We were still in the Cold War. And when the Stealth Bomber made the front pages, fear overcame many of the locals of NYC metro. Many still have ties to Europe and the Caribbean. Nevertheless, there should have been feelings of pride rather than fear.

In the 80s, there was no hiding that a global war could still break out at any moment. In school, we were not doing drills under our desks, but the streets were violent with America being a free nation of outspoken opinions.

The Internet and global communication :) ?

We had arcades and weird boxes like an electronic fruit and trouble programming the VCR to record while away at work.

Overclocking TECH

-rampant innovation
-maintaining power structures
-strength in numbers
-a reckoning
-the value of independent digital assets

Digital [non-asset]Transactions and Preparedness

Back to what I was saying about the recency of Amazon. Technology is often taken for granted. In fact, this has been warned against as the downfall of kingdoms and empires and even entire civilizations.

Today, we as a global society are absolutely taking technology for granted.

However, innovation is so rampant, communication so widespread, and cultural meshing occurring at its fastest pace ever. Many in positions of power will fall because tech is in the hands of the unwise. Especially now with schools being closed and many institutions unprepared and/or unwilling to (ironically) utilize technology to facilitate learning.

The Veil

Indeed we live in crazy times. And yet, we do not see it this way because social media, mainstream news, television and any of the many online activities provide a tethering point. Faith-based and religious institutions are calling their members to stay close. Parents, professionals, students and common interest groups can easily do the same to alleviate the anxiety of a world unprepared for the innovation that occurs with each passing day.

Tethering to Communities

Just look at the communities that dominate crypto innovation. Here on Steemit is merely one example. Then, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we have Telegram, Discord and the like. Workplace and student forums are increasingly expected.

Would you be surprised if Walmart required every associate to start a social media account on a sort of skeleton version of Facebook? The catchy marketing scheme could be “Get to Know Your Associate” via a local kiosk. Parents would take to having information about the people working in their local communities. It would give employees something to do. And managers could employ peer pressure tactics through WalmartBOOK.

The Why? of Crypto and AI

Crypto is here. So are pseudo blockchains. Visit the post below for insights about pure and hybrid blockchains:

Pseudo-Cryptos : Twitter, Facebook, and FedNow

Many who currently hold power don’t (or no longer) deserve it. This is why crypto is on the rise. Pseudo blockchains can become really dangerous once AI advances to interact with these borderless ledgers.

Companies will aggressively seek to leverage AI more so than blockchain because of how obvious the advantages of AI will be.

We can only hope that the transfer of the ability to earn brought on by crypto will transition well alongside global power shifts.

But all things should be done decently and in order.

- Corinthians 14:40 ESVfrom via technology

This is my tenth post in my/itt/ series. I leave you with some inspiration from the initial post:

The landscape of blogging and social media is changing.


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Hi @machnbirdsparo

The world is not really ready for all the technology that is coming out. It's hard to process what's out there, but the everyday is truly complex. I think you have to focus, so you don't get lost in so much.
The 80s were a bit of a global movement, no doubt...


Yeah we need to be able to give ourselves timeouts and just enjoy life even for a brief moment. 🙃 Like a breath of fresh air.