Sense Chat 2.0

Today's SKY TRANSIT highlights an article I wrote entitled Sense Chat 2.0

Sense Chat 2.0


... an interview with Crystal Rose Pierce on June 27, 2019 in which she was quoted:

“In a nutshell, Sense.Chat is the EOS Messenger.”

A little over a year later, it's become even much more than that.

Not Like Twitter at All

To get an idea of it's potential brilliance, consider what Zac Harding tweeted about as being one of his favorite things:


In a world where fake news no longer makes surprising headlines, it's not enough to just make sense. Our news worthy stories and important information needs to lock-in on what content providers wish to communicate.

Intention of Content Matters

... If it's in honesty and backed by deliberate thought, then it's something that should be locked-in. If for some reason there's a change in mind, then, the motivation(s) behind altering a course already set in motion would need to be strong.

What's important is that we grasp the type of platform, or channel, upon which our expressions will live.


I'll conclude here, as SKY TRANSITS are meant to be quick reads.

Let me know if I am missing anything. Appreciate it.
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I don't know that channel or platform, I can't say much about it, however, as far as I know, EOS is a great blockchain, with a lot of potential to do things.
A bit complicated for me, I almost didn't understand it at some point that I tried to do some things.
But it sounds interesting.


Yes I'm a big fan of EOS. Have my own account and manage my own CPU and RAM. Once you get the hang of that it's much easier than I think any other chain. It's just a slightly modest learning curve to managing one's account but the names associated to accounts instead of just keys is a big deal.

In terms of Sense chat, it leverages EOSIO technology for its own chain I believe. So you can just download the app.

Seems pretty cool. Looks like one of the social media to take over


I think it's just a plug-in play app off of Google play. Just retire every day till turn on the reward engine