SKY TRANSIT : Cross-chain Applications of the Prospectors MMORTES Game

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Today's SKY TRANSIT highlights an article I wrote entitled Cross-chain Applications of the Prospectors MMORTES Game.

Cross-chain Applications
of the
Prospectors MMORTES Game

Prospectors is an innovative Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) dapp.

Below are the key point that I discuss in a bit more depth within the original post:

  • mining crypto through user game play
  • developed on EOS with integration across blockchains
  • cross-chain asset exchanges
  • and now, a dapp within a dapp

For a quick overview of the main post consider the following:

  • Prospectors plans to grow into a decentralized network.
  • It recently introduced an outside application within its multi-blockchain game worlds.
  • Nearly seamless cross-chain transactions, combined with multi-level applications, allow for complex crypto applications.

As the first MMORTES, Prospectors already has three stores of value:

  • the gold mined by players within the game
  • PGL for trading between blockchains and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies
  • PSS as state shares rewarded for community projects

The idea behind Prospectors is straightforward: users mine the cryptocurrencies. The team also saw the opportunity for users to build their world.

Let me end it here, as these Sky Transits are meant to be quick reads.

Let me know if I am missing anything. Appreciate it.
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This MMORTES really has a great prospect ahead for the future looking at it


Yes. Combining games, chats, collectibles, and game currency that can be traded for real-world stuff makes for a nice recipe.

super cool idea for this game, and I'll be sure pending the progress of this game Thank you very much for sharing this great information.


Certainly. I hope the model catches on. There's certainly a lot of chatting and excitement about the game.