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Today's SKY TRANSIT summarizes an article I wrote entitled AI Blockchain Projects.

AI Blockchain Projects

The primary purpose of the initial post was to compile a list of currently active blockchain projects involved in AI. Here is a copy of that list:

Other topics explored some nuances of pairing AI with blockchains. The key points are highlighted next.

Main topics covered in my post:

  • introducing the concept of user defined logic tied to value
  • AI innovation outpaces public awareness
  • better decentralized applications with AI
  • data inherently benefits from even modest blockchain adoption
  • there are levels to way the blockchain and AI can be paired
  • pairing blockchain with deep machine learning is likely dependent on the following:
    -> raw vs. organized data
    -> number of independent interested parties
    ->expected level of complex applications

Questions moving forward [re-posted section] :

  • Is employing blockchain for an AI project always a better solution?
  • Where will a particular blockchain-based AI project end up?
  • How do AI-blockchains ultimately differ from non-blockchain AIs?
  • When does an AI project need blockchain the most?
  • Is there a significant benefit in adopting blockchain early in the development of an AI?

Let me end it here, as these Sky Transits are meant to be quick reads.

Let me know if I am missing anything. Appreciate it.
visit the full/original post here


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there are still alot of work remaining for project and blockchain and AI together really has something for the world.


Yeah you kind of hit the nail on the head. I am trying to gauge just about how much work needs to be done before AI permeates every day society on a publicly distributed blockchain.

This look like a long list of currently active blockchain projects involved in Al


Theere are others not listed here that show promise.

Hello @machnbirdsparo

These types of guides that bring projects together are a way to simplify the process. Thank you


Indeed. I hope to find the time to complete a website I recently started along the lines of what you just said.