SKY TRANSIT : Blockchain, AI, Society and the Individual

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Today's SKY TRANSIT highlights an article I wrote entitled Blockchain, AI, Society and the Individual.


This is final post in my most recent Blockchain and AI series. Been busy so re-posting with just an outline.

Blockchain, AI, Society and the Individual

This is the third part in a series that could be described as:

Finding Your AI Partner in Crypto

The discussion of personalized AI for everyday use has already begun.


Blockchain technology is highly regarded as a solution for many of the issues facing today's data systems. AI is as well. A question looms behind current popular opinion:

How can both technologies be best leveraged for everyday internet users?


What might help is to substitute the words peer-to-peer networks that circumvent traditional banking systems with:

  • owning your money

And, instead of increased logistical efficiency for digital systems:

  • being in control of your personal information

Such a change in perception could be eye-opening for individuals who have yet to ponder what it truly means to own money and what actually goes on with personal information.


Modifying Emerging Technologies

Can we really leverage blockchain to use AI on a deeply personal level?

It really seems like we are heading this way. At least the technology needed to achieve this seems to becoming available. Consider two innovations aggressively being pursued:

  • AI that can be programmed by non-technical users
  • crypto-based smart contracts that are easy to implement

There are reasons why developers desire for each of the above technologies to succeed.


What blockchain programmers might feel as mere relief in easily deployed smart contracts, DeFi users may come to know as their new automated personal business.

Personalized AIs. Now combine these two:

What are the benefits of user programmable AIs on blockchain? 

I'll conclude here, as SKY TRANSITS are meant to be quick reads.

Let me know if I am missing anything. Appreciate it.
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Crypto and DeFi will bring an alternative way to operate things in a virtual world.


Amazing that we can see it happen.