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Today's SKY TRANSIT highlights an article I wrote entitled CELOS Targets Mass Adoption.

CELOS Targets Mass Adoption


How easy does CELOS make it for someone who's never heard of crypto to own and trade coins in 2020?

  • If someone you know has a phone number, you can send them crypto.
  • They will receive a text to download a wallet like the Valora App (first release) or Celo Wallet to claim the coins you just sent.
  • Upon visiting Google Play, the Valora wallet will instruct them to save their seed phrase; as well as explain that only they can access their coins (irregardless of losing their phone).
  • They now own crypto and only need someone elses phone number to repeat the process.

CELOS, through cUSD (CELOS Dollars), is tied to the US dollar. ...

Sending CELOS using only a phone number works across carriers and throughout the world. ...


I learned about CELOS upon receiving an email from Coinbase. $6 worth of CELOS were awarded to me for watching 3 videos; each a couple of minutes long. ...

I can confirm that the site does deliver on its promise. Over the past two years I have unlocked over $50 ...



CELOS focuses its efforts on building a vibrant community and encouraging new projects ideas. Both are elements that have proven to be integral to the success of blockchain projects. ...


... The goal of the platform is to make crypto easily accessible to the world via mobile devices. It is an honorable and much needed solution that humanity needs ASAP. ...

I'll conclude here, as SKY TRANSITS are meant to be quick reads.

Let me know if I am missing anything. Appreciate it.
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a very interesting option CELOS,thanks for this information that helps a lot and again thank you very much for your excellent report.