Why are people not satisfied with their income ?

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Why are people not satisfied with their income ?

I was talking to my colleague today. He works in a good position in a firm. But in our discussion he said that he is not happy with his income. He gave various reasons. More members of my family are involved in the job. So I hear from many of them that they are not happy with their income. Now this problem is in many. They also have various reasons for this unhappiness.

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The salary of an employee depends on many things. Such as company rules, position, experience, amount of work, company income and expenditure, employee availability, and many more. It varies in public and private work. But it is often seen that the salaries of two employees with the same experience are different. That's when the problem arises. Moreover, it depends on the organization. And some more money is added to the basic salary for rent, medical treatment, travel. There are many more employees than jobs in the current job market. And because of Corona, many workers have lost their jobs, which has led to an increase in the number of unemployed.He is publishing recruitment notices for more experienced workers on his low salary and the unemployed are being forced to join this job.

Due to which many people are not happy with their income. Moreover, many well-to-do people are joining low-paying jobs. They feel that their experience is not being properly evaluated. Even then, they are not happy with their income. And for those who have a job, this thing works differently. At the end of the year, the salary of one employee increases more than that of another. Because of these differences, many are not happy with their income. This depends on the quality of the employee's work, the relationship with the boss. And all the employees think that he works the most but his salary does not increase that way. But many workers are getting paid more by working less than that. This thing is always happening.

Another thing I think many people are unhappy about. That is greed. People try to follow the rich all the time in the society. Doing the same thing, one is building a big house, buying land, moving in a private car but another is in a much worse condition than him. In that case also people express their grief about themselves and their own income. Moreover, the price of everything is increasing day by day. But the salary is not increasing that way. Salary increases once a year. Many people's salaries increase a lot, some increase a little and some do not. And human aspirations are always growing. People always want something new. Wants to fulfill new dreams, wants to move towards new goals. But it all depends on the income. And when he doesn't get these, he is not happy with his income.

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Hello @maqbool12
I think that the human being in general terms never ends up being happy with things, and in a certain way everything is projected to work.
When we talk about salaries it is difficult for all of us to be in total agreement with what we earn.
Even here where I live there are those who earn millions of pesos and are not happy, but there are those who earn less than a million a month and feel good.
Everything is relative.

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Thankyou sir