Making STEEM a viable investment

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I would like to see Tron do several things to correct the points of failures of Steem's "tokenomics".

Steem Dao

The @steem.dao receives 10% of the annual steem supply to fund platform improvements through the Steem Proposal System (SPS). Right now it is sitting at 730k SBD. Worth 2.92 million since the peg is broken.

I would prefer the DAO used to fund Steemit's operating cost and in-house developments as there will be no need to fund superfluous expensive off-chain projects. I think auditing themselves to the community would instill trust.

I also think the DAO should have bounties set for those who shared an idea or suggestion that was later implemented on top of funding users that bring back value to the community. Every one is a party to the success after all.


Paying witness 10% of the new steem supply is a total joke. That is an Oligarchy and everybody knows it. It will be more ridiculous the higher Steem prices go, which won't happen because of the tokenomics anyway. They are just running a node most of the time.

I think the witness's pay should be fixed. More than enough to cover their cost. I also think they should be compensated for Hard Fork work. Witness compensation and Steem.DAO has cost investors millions and millions of dollars.

Steem Power
At 15% I don't see why inflation should be changed. Depending on how the "tokenomics" are rearranged maybe it can even be increased. Maybe variable based rewarding the largest holders. I'm not an expert on inflation.


This is the big one at 65%. I believe it has detrimental consequences on STEEM price because it doesn't promote scarcity just accumulation to reduce losses. I think a large percentage of new STEEM should go to registered miners (content creators). The truth is KYC is going to be encouraged with everything. What you make is going to be considered income. That is inevitable folks. So fancy up to the idea now.

This is how I think Steem can be made scarce. The more registered content creators the less steem dividend they receive. The more Steem will be sought to increase post payouts also. (More on the effects of this later.)

Right now TRON's Steem L33td offers a lot of subsidies to earn Steem that is only sustainable because this is a downturn. Eventually, the community would have to operate more independently. Changing the "tokenomics" help.

@project.hope I would really appreciate some feedback and suggestions.

EDIT: Besides a reminder on how the community works. My bad I was so excited to share.

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I grab your point but most time I wonder whether making steem scarce to get will do the value good though


Steem might retest their all-time lows soon.

Time will tell!