More Steem "Tokenomics" talk

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The idea of receiving compensation for posting was appealing, but it quickly wore off. The best way was to make friends with people that had a large stake and engage over and over until they like you. The problem I had with that is you can scan someone's page to get a glimpse of them. And then you behave in a manner you think appeals to them.

To me, that was very unnatural. Not only is it predatory, but I find it rather sad. It creates suck-ups. That is not good for the person that feels that is their only option to earn rewards. It is not good for the person with a large stake either they won't ever be sure of the Genuity that was of real interest. It hurts the purpose of the platform.

Structural Changes

Thinking about how bad it used to be I do not want to earn any rewards from my post. I'm fasting. I'm just here to hang the fuck out. Although Steemit L33td has been passing out band-aids the disastrous fundamentals are still the same. Furthermore, I wouldn't dare invest in Steem knowing the strife users could potentially face.

There are several things I've suggested. It would be up to Tron to explore them and extract the best bits and provide a new product. They are so focused on TRX that I sometimes think they don't account for how Steemit may indeed be what introduced and may continue to introduce many to TRX. Their best investment in my opinion.

LEO Talk

I've been a fan of two communities on Hive. Let's talk about LEO!

That is not a Hive engine token. That thing is the beast birthed from Hive and the idea of a decentralized financial media platform. Focusing exclusively on Crypto & Finance, there won't be another place. I see a $5 LEO and I'm being modest.

The "tokenomics" are solid for what they are and aim to achieve. I need to learn more, however. But there is a creative destruction pattern I've noticed. Several projects on Steem left. LEO may eventually have to leave Hive. This worries me if STEEM fate is that of OMNI (Tether left for ETH & TRX).

A chain capable of being made redundant is bad. We must defend.

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You are right, the economics of these platforms are broken. They are broken from a social and incentive point of view like you pointed to in your above post and they are broken from a technical and economics point of view.

I think the promise of a decentralized platform like Steem was that the media companies like Facebook and Twitter were taking our information and selling it and the user wasn't getting anything out of it. Steem was supposed to be different in that the users would get paid to post, comment, and vote.

The problem is that the staking mechanism allows people who have a lot of money to come in and buy a lot of STEEM and convert it to Steem Power and then just post and upvote garbage and use that as a mechanism for taking the largest share of rewards for themselves. It seems like the staking mechanism for a lot of these platforms tend to concentrate wealth and that is not that different from the world that these decentralized platforms promised to leave behind.

Way back in the day Google updated their algorithm to stop content farming. Now all of that content farming has just moved onto these platforms like Steem and Hive.


They really should be looking to make the user experience seamless. That is the path.