My Opinion of the Tron Network

4개월 전


Tron and Ethereum are trying to capture some of the same market shares. Not counting Binance in that mix would be ignorant. Tron's access to the American market has been subpar compared to those two and will hurt any financial products and the likes probably for a very long time.

Tron's portfolio is more speculatory and may take far longer to consolidate. They have many more ideas to define.


Since Tron purchased BitTorrent they have built on the underlying technology. This tech is undoubtedly the infrastructure for many of their future endeavors. Torrent's profitability may be one of diminishing returns as streaming is becoming more popular and free.


DLive the live streaming platform faces stiff competition from Youtube and Twitch. I think it will be hard for DLive to regain popularity anytime soon.


Out of all Tron's acquisition, Steemit I find the barest. Besides BitTorrent's tech, I think it is the best acquisition since what doesn't work for Steemit is known. Globalization on Steemit could be an edge when blockchain education reaches the rest of the world population.


There is also Wink, JUST, SUN, Tron apps on play stores, and probably a couple of other things I'm forgetting.


Tron has partnered with Samsung, Huawei, Chinese agencies, this and that. The list goes on.

Tron is all over the place. Although headquartered in Singapore it can't be considered anything but a Chinese tech company. Chinese tech companies tend to get very large as they swarm every area as you've noticed Tron doing in the cryptocurrency space.


Tron will most likely become one of the more viable investment options. Their revenue source will come from several avenues making them a little safer than some other projects. When I am ready to hold something for 20+ years I may consider Tron. As of now, I am skeptical of some of their products. Many seem to be one-offs capturing a trend.

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