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I received my Voice invite not so long ago, and it caught me by surprise. I waited so long that I unsubscribed for it a couple of months back. Nonetheless, I was stoked to check it out. That excitement turned to disappointment very fast.

If you check out the Terms of use and Ground rules, this is the platform for communists. I am sad to see Voice go this way. It is a platform for people that want to exist and not live.

First of all, Everything is at their sole discretion. They say Voice is not a place for bots, but you would have to be a total NPC to like it. It is the 1984 of social media platforms. I am very unsettled by some rules.

  • You can't use a VPN.
  • It is "not a place for sexy time fun." I am thoroughly disappointed.
  • "Avoid posting anything that advertises or promotes illegal or legally restricted goods or services."

I considered Voice's a competitor to Twitter. But after seeing it, I would be surprised if they gained a userbase at all other than people that want some crypto. The worst part is they advertise it as if that's the place to be. They decided for you what social is.

Voice is constructed to maintain a status quo. A place for discord that doesn't really convince anyone of anything. Agree to disagree indefinetly. Voice 1984 moderation team is always right. It is not a place for solutions, but a place of desensitization, through moderation. Voice is not in the spirit of globalization that is the future. I give it a big fat F.

As for engagement they created a very childish game to see who can get to the top. That alone is tedious enough to ever be mainstream for adults. I checked out the cofounders Twitter profile and to my surprise, he advertises Steem. This is good stuff.

Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 7.24.58 AM.png

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