Genetically modified mosquitoes to eliminate malaria/Mosquitos modificados genéticamente para eliminar la malaria

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Malaria is a disease produced by aome parasites of the genus Plasmodium, and transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes whose female needs our blood to incubate her offspring and which causes the death of 400,000 people each year, of which 240,000 are children.

La malaria o paludismo es una enfermedad producida por parásitos del género Plasmodium, y transmitida por las hembras de mosquitos Anopheles cuya hembra necesita nuestra sangre para incubar su descendencia y que causa la muerte a 400.000 personas cada año, de las cuales 240.000 son niños.

Despite the fact that around 40% of the world population lives in areas affected by malaria, only one vaccine attempt was made in 1997, but it did not work out and as those affected are very poor people, it seems that nobody cared and Trying to do so is not the same as the COVID that comes out every day in all formats and in all media.

A pesar de que alrededor del 40% de la población mundial vive en zonas afectadas por la malaria solo se hizo un intento de vacuna en 1997, pero no les salió bien y como los afectados son gente muy pobre parece que a nadie le importó y dejaron de intentarlo, no es lo mismo que el COVID que sale todos los días en todos los formatos y en todos los medios de comunicación.


Sarcasm aside, it seems that there are people who actually care about the less fortunate, a group of scientists have carried out a study in which they have genetically modified some mosquitoes that carry malaria, to prevent them from continuing to spread this disease and thus be able to end it .

Sarcasmos aparte parece que sí hay gente que en realidad se preocupa por los menos afortunados, un grupo de científicos han realizado un estudio en el que han modificado genéticamente algunos mosquitos portadores de malaria, para evitar que sigan propagando esta enfermedad y poder así acabar con ella.

Los mosquitos cada vez son mas resistentes a los pesticidas y el parásito que produce la malaria cada vez es más resistente a los tratamientos existentes por lo que empieza a ser apremiante la necesidad de tomar alguna medida eficaz y parece ser que puede ser la modificación genética utilizando para ello, como no, nuestra ya conocida herramienta CRISPR.


With this tool, they introduced a new gene that encodes an antimalarial protein among the genes that are activated when the mosquito ingests blood, along with a fluorescent marker to be able to monitor it, this protein prevents the parasite from acting and the system is designed so that it can spread also to offspring.

Con esta herramienta introdujeron un nuevo gen que codifica una proteína antipalúdica entre los genes que se activan cuando la mosquita ingiere sangre, junto con un marcador fluorescente para poder hacer el seguimiento, esta proteína evita que el parásito actúe y el sistema está diseñado para que pueda propagarse también a la descendencia.

Everything related to gene editing is potentially dangerous so obviously before releasing them in the wild you have to be very cautious and do lots of tests to check that the side effects are not more harmful than malaria, but at least it seems we are moving towards the solution.

Todo lo relativo a la edición genética es potencialmente peligroso así que obviamente antes de soltarlos en la naturaleza hay que ser muy prudentes y hacer montones de pruebas para comprobar que los efectos secundarios no resultan más dañinos que la malaria, pero al menos parece nos movemos hacia la solución.

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Eso es genial, se evitaran muchas muertes…

Good morning friend, I lived closely with this disease when it gave my husband, I hope that those tests that you carry out will culminate well, it would be a great relief for the areas less supported in terms of this disease.

Malaria is very dangerous disease.very important post.your post is always very useful to me.I like your post,thank you for your post.keep it up.

This is really awesome. Thanks for sharing this information

Then it will be much better earth for us. Mosquito is always harmful for us. It is really incredible idea and thanks them who modified it. Thank you for sharing @mauromar.

Hello @mauromar
Hopefully the results will be positive, it would represent a very important victory in this area.
Excellent reading, thank you for sharing.
Have a great day!

Really it’s a good news that it seems we are moving towards the solution, if it will be successful that will be a great invention for us,many people get rid of this disease.
Nice to read your article.

Malaria is a dangerous saint for us humans.
But I don't know how the mosquito carries the disease.
Can all mosquitoes carry malaria?

This is really a great idea. I think we will be more healthy by this and get less ill. Thanks for sharing

I have heard about genetically modified mosquitoes to reduce to productivity of mosquitos but it is a new information to me. Thank you.

Mosquitoes can carry disease, I agree with you, thank you for the information


Thanks for comment


Same with brother