Are you buying the dip?

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Following the recent bitcoin upgrade, there has been a major market correlation as more investors continue to move their funds from centralized exchanges, the largest crypto by market cap Bitcoin as of the time of writing this post traded below $58k making an all-time low since It made a peak of 69k on 10th November, global crypto market capitalization made a 5% decline following other major altcoins ETH, Doge, Solana, Ada and shiba to plunge dip amid the market cap decline.

While most traders remain calm, a lot have FOMO and sell off their holdings, market correlation as most analysts claimed to be the current situation at the moment. at this point, the diamond hands with large capital are capitalizing on the current market buying back what their hands can get hold off while the weak hands are selling off holding.

Market dip in the crypto space is always a buyback opportunity although not everyone has the potential to buy from such a market dip, selling during the dip could as well have a negative impact on one's portfolio, one thing is certain which is there will always be a bear and bullish market so it's sometimes advisable to hold stable coins ahead of bear markets.

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Hello @mccoy02

It is true most traders remain calm, and a very small group are afraid this maybe because they entered the market at times of some rebound, and today they are scared to assume that they lost their investment.

Best regards, be well.


Thanks for sharing, a lot have panic sell their holding as you have mentioned some that bought at the rebound are scared of losing their investment i agree with your point do have a good time ahead.

As per my thinking buy the dip is the best opportunity to survive in the market. If you have enough fund you can divide your fund into parts and every dip you can purchase little bit of coin and when the market is up you can have good profit.


Sure buying the dip require fund in most scenario users have limited fund when market dip thanks for sharing your thoughts

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