Cardano smart contact scaling optimization ahead of the ethereum blockchain.

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The Input-Output Hong Kong firm ( IOHG ) cardano blockchain recently have been gaining a lot of traction from users global by a post pool on Twitter from ethereum founder asking his over 3 million followers which blockchain could probably hold their savings alternative to ether in 2035 if 80% of their savings are pulled out of the ether ( ETH )?

Cardano happened to gain the highest vote count from users which calls for a quick price surge in the native token although with much market fluctuation the price of cardano has made a significant move lately breaking odds in market price.

These have installed questions among investors if cardano could flip the ethereum market cap? for the first time, ADA market trading volume exceeded that of etherum making a 30% increase in price [Cardano’s ADA token has risen 30 percent in the past seven days, according to CoinGecko. with the latest updates from cardano firm of it upcoming smart contract integrations no doubt investors are shifting their attention to the proof of stake platform to stake more holding.

IOHG New features

The scalability of any blockchain is a major factor that contributes to its wide adoption from users, the IOHG developers are taking this scalability to the next level by introducing more optimizing features that will make cardano blockchain standout among its rivalry blockchain.

  • Block size increase these features increase the number of transactions that can be processed in a block the bigger the block size the greater the speed of completing per second transaction a 12.5% increase in block size has been added on the IOHG block to accelerate the block transaction speed.

  • Memory and Storage Improved these added feature improvements will boost the number of unspent transaction memory with more storage space there will be more room for fast processing speed on the block, Plutus a cardano smart contract has actively been improved to handle the storage facility.

Subsequent improvements the on-chain are looking up to include Node enchantment and on-disk storage and Cardano off-chain solution

With the roll-out update from cardano, no doubt the firm has attracted other smart contact platforms these will as well invite more institutions/investors and inevitably increase the block scale adoption and acceptance from users globally.

Will the IOHG firm record a new all-time high this 2022 and reclaim its 5th position on the market cap or will it flip the ethereum blockchain to claim the 2nd highest market cap token? I guess in no time we will find out

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Hello @mccoy02

This scaling of Cardano's smart contacts is something that has been gaining strength, and I estimate that it will continue to progressively gain acceptance from users, since it will increase the market capitalization and I am convinced that it will displace the ethereum blocks.

Kind regards, be well.


Cardano have proven to be a blockchain that worked on improving its project by optimizing their blockchain with advance scaling tools.