Splintershards token live data and and alternate trading exchanges

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Splintershards ( SPS ) price update

Data reading on CoinMarketCap shows SPS token having a live current price value of $0.482429 down with 7.43% in the last 24hr, SPS is ranked #483 making a list of top 500 tokens on CoinMarketCap list it has a current market capitalization of $83,852,176 although being a low market cap token SPS has recorded a significant increase in price in the previous month making an all-time high above $0.9, with a 24hr trading volume of $6,208,314 shows a good track record of circulation/transaction of SPS token among traders/investors it has a circulating supply of 174,560,214 SPS although having a maximum total supply of SPS token which is 3 billion SPS token more coins need to be in circulation to keep the price of SPS up and stable in the market, more transaction and staked SPS will be locked to break more all-time high price value.


PancakeSwap](https://pancakeswap.finance/) a DeFi base exchange has the highest volume by transaction trading SPS token with a trading volume of $3,480,717 traded, with trading pair SPS/WBNB, from PancakeSwap user can easily swap SPS token with any BEP20 based token.

Other pairs for trading SPS token on other exchanges includes SPS/USDT, SPS/ETH, and SPS/DEC. example of exchanges where users can buy/sell SPS token include Gate.io, LBank, Hotbit and, Biswap


With a 3 billion SPS token total maximum supply, and over 173 million circulating market supply, and a current price value of $0.482429 SPS token it can be deduced from the above date with more investors/trading activities SPS market value will have good future price value as more users continue to make use of the token for daily transaction, listing on some large exchange can be another interesting strategy to drive the value of SPS to break significant all-time high.


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Greetings@ mccoy02
I share your opinion regarding the price projections of the SPS, No doubt that this Splintershards set
I am currently playing and I find the game and its economy spectacular, even though I am a little late and the changes made do not favor me, I hope to be able to continue and get the desired profitability.
Thank you very much for sharing your publication.


Thanks for your feedback i'm glad you joined the game, not sure you are late the best thing is you have started and in no time you will be making good gains from the game.


Greetings@ mccoy02
Thank you very much for your advice, if you have any relevant information that you think will help me to advance, I would appreciate it if you could share it, it is good to hear advice from those who already have time in the game.
Greetings and best wishes.

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