Unemployment and its relationship to increased death rate

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Unemployment has been one major problem of several economies and the pandemic has increased the number of unemployment in the world to a level where several governments are scared. Unlike in the past where the government of nations worry about unemployment and everything in between, now it is different; the government now must shuffle within citizen health and unemployment. This year 2020, the government of several countries has spent more money trying to curb the pandemic than any other budget for the year.


Unemployment is one thing that has affected the economy and worse of it is being lay offed by an employer among the number of employees in the organization. It gives the employee a sign that they are not good for the job, the position and are less for such organization. The truth about every sack or fire is that the employee being fired feel rejected and lost in another world. When people become unemployed, it is no doubt that they go into the labor search market for jobs where they all fight for limited resources but the truth remains that the standard of living of such person drops drastically and in cases when the unemployment go for a long time it causes a demise in every activity of the employee.

Unemployment is one thing that should be tackled in the economy as it often leads to high number of death in the countries (so many having heart diseases and cardiac arrests as a result of continuous thinking), increase in the numbers of drug abuse and alcoholics due to depression, Suicide due to prolonged failures and loss of hopes, homicide, and other medical and psychological problem.


A lot of people are unemployed in the world making them become prone to health deficiency caused by lack of care and a reduced quality of life. In some cases, these people do not die immediately, some get to damage their system and organs due to the use of hard substances after which they get another job but die a few years later as a result of their past activities.

How do we find a solution to the effect of unemployment and health issues as it is visible that so many people will lose their jobs again in the future but maybe not with a pandemic but a few things like automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and due to cyclical unemployment. If unemployment is known to increase the number of death cases in a country, then it is good that a few solutions be proposed. You can share your thoughts and solutions to this on the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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It is interesting to see the issue of money production, rather than unemployment as being unemployed may be the best thing that can happen to you since you will have to learn new ways to generate money and you will have more time.


That's basically a great point thank you for reading.

Unemployment is the worst pandemic I tell you.

Unemployment is a reality that has become more present today. A person who is the head of a household and loses a job will easily fall into chaos with himself or with something else soon, not only physically but psychologically as well. In addition, cases of violence are increasing, which is another important factor. I do not justify it but I can understand certain extremes. For that reason it is time to do something for ourselves, not to wait for a government to generate a job for you, we have to undertake and generate it ourselves.


It is indeed a sad situation to happen to the head of a family, it paralysis the complete effort of the man, thanks for reading.

Unemployment has increased the death rate and if can be worked upon can helped to decrease the death rate. The unfortunately thing is that those people I mean the government who should work effectively about how the unemployment can he tackled are not doing anything about it


The government is more concerned about enriching their own pockets that providing jobs for anyone.

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To terribly seek a job and not get one is a sad condition that is one of the reasons why I am not in support of robots and machines getting empowered to replace human efforts everyday.


That part of robot is even causing more unemployment in different developed countries.

Unemployment is a terrible thing to happen to any matured person, some wicked people in power then begin to demand for crazy things before one is offered job, such an annoying situation


It is almost everywhere, they demand for sex from young ladies and a high amount of bribe from young men who sometimes have to borrow the money just to get the job.

With the increase in the unemployment status currently, we might be having a lot of people dying out of depression and wrong thoughts which makes a lot of people become suicidal. I hope the virus goes away so people can have their lives back.